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Jon Gruden’s emails are the only ones in WFT’s investigation to justify NFL action, report says

Jon Gruden resigned as the Raiders coach on Monday after reports that an NFL investigation uncovered emails from him to a former team executive showing Gruden, while employed by ESPN, using racist, sexist, homophobic language. and transphobic.

According to a Friday report from The Associated Press, no other active team or league personnel were found to have used language like Gruden’s in the approximately 650,000 emails that were reviewed as part of the investigation, and that no one else needed to be referred to the leadership of the team or of the league.

Independent investigators obtained the emails while investigating allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct within the Washington soccer team. The league has not released the emails.

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“The NFL did not identify any issues around what you saw with Jon Gruden,” said an anonymous source familiar with the emails to the AP.

The source also said the NFL placed the emails sent by NFL General Counsel and Executive Vice President Jeff Pash to former Washington team president Bruce Allen “into a different category,” considering them part of Pash’s job and considered them “appropriate”.

The New York Times reported that Pash and Allen seemed to have a close personal relationship. During his email correspondence, Allen once asked Pash if there was a rule against the league hiring libertarians, independents, or Republicans after the NFL hired Jocelyn Moore in 2016. Moore had previously worked for several senators Democrats of the United States.

Pash replied that there was no rule, but wrote “it can look like this sometimes!” The two also joked about the league’s diversity initiatives, and after Allen shared an archive of a team song aimed at attracting Latino fans, Pash replied, “I’m not sure this song will be that popular after it’s been released. build the (border) wall, “according to the Times report.

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The two sides also made jokes about Hooters restaurants, shared their admiration for former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and complained about the direction of the country under former President Barack Obama, the Times reported. In one case, according to the Times report, Pash overruled his staff and rescinded a $ 15,000 fine for former Washington coach Mike Shanahan who corrected an injury report.

“Communication between league office employees and club executives happens on a daily basis,” Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications, told the Times in his report. “Jeff Pash is a respected and high-character NFL executive. Any effort to present these emails as inappropriate is misleading or blatantly false.”

The AP source said that Pash had not been “overly friendly” with Allen and that there was nothing “leading to any kind of undue influence resulting in gains for the Washington soccer team.”

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Gruden was first discovered to have made racist remarks about the executive director of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, in emails sent to Allen. Gruden and Allen worked alongside the Raiders and Buccaneers. Gruden apologized for the comments shortly after the initial reports came out on October 9.

On Monday, more emails from the investigation were reported and showed more derogatory comments from Gruden. They included, but were not limited to, insults about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a sexist meme of a woman umpiring in the NFL, photos of women wearing only bikini bottoms, and homophobic comments about former player Michael Sam, who He came out gay before. the 2014 NFL Draft.

Gruden resigned that night after meeting with Raiders owner Mark Davis. The league had forwarded Gruden’s emails to the Raiders over the weekend.

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