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Jordan’s King Abdullah and Prince Hamza reappear together after alleged conspiracy



The King of Jordan, Abdalá II, and the former crown prince Hamza bin Husein They have appeared together this Sunday after the Government accused the latter of participating in a conspiracy against the monarch.

The king appeared this Saturday along with other members of the royal family, including Prince Hamza, on a visit to a mausoleum on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of Jordan, according to an image posted by the Hashemite Royal Household on its Twitter account.

On the conspiracy, Abdullah II said Wednesday “that the fight has stopped” and that the former crown prince is “committed” to the royal family and the interests of the country “above any other consideration.”

“Our country is used to facing challenges and we are used to triumphing over them. In the course of our history we have defeated all those who tried to undermine the homeland and we came out stronger and more united, “began Abdullah II in a speech echoed by the Jordanian media.

Plot accusations to destabilize the country

Last Sunday, the Jordanian government implicated Hamza bin Hussein in a conspiracy with an “external opposition” to “destabilize the country’s national security” and reported the arrest of at least 16 senior officials.

“The challenge of recent days has not been the most difficult or the most dangerous for the stability of our country, but it was the most painful for me because the discord was within our house,” said the monarch.

Abdullah II has communicated that, although the alleged conspiracy would have occurred within his own family, his “first responsibility is to serve Jordan and protect its people, its Constitution and its laws”, for which he took “the measures necessary to enforce this trust. ‘

“Prince Hamza has promised before the family to follow the path of our parents and grandparents, to be faithful to his message and to put the interest of Jordan, its Constitution and its laws above any other consideration,” said Abdullah II. .

“Today Hamza is with his family in his palace under my care,” added the monarch, who explained that he entrusted his uncle, the prince Hasán bin Talal, the task of managing this situation.

Image taken in 2012 on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Hamza bin Hussein (in military dress) with Princess Basma Otoum (second from left).  Also featured are Queen Rania (first from left), King Abdullah (fourth from left) and Queen Noor (right)
Image taken in 2012 on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Hamza bin Hussein (in military dress) with Princess Basma Otoum (second from left). There are also Queen Rania (first from the left), King Abdullah (fourth from the left) and Queen Noor (right) – AFP

In relation to the investigation that the former heir to the Jordanian throne is facing, the current head of state has explained that the results of the investigation will be made known, “in accordance with the law” when the process ends, “in a manner that fairness and transparency be guaranteed ”.

“The next steps will be governed by the criteria that governs all our decisions, the interest of the country and the interest of our faithful people,” he remarked.

The attorney general, Hassan Abdallat, announced on Tuesday the censorship of all types of informative publication, also images and videos, related to the former crown prince, but this Wednesday he clarified that it only extends to “issues related to the investigation, his confidentiality, security, evidence and people involved ».

Hamza published a video and a voice recording last weekend in which he made clear his animosity towards King Abdullah II, whom he accuses of repressing the you critics, but on Monday the Royal House released a statement in which it allegedly radically changed its position.

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