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Jorge and Carlota from Cambridge will have an official agenda despite their young age | People

The Windsors are immersed in a renewal campaign. After the march of the Dukes of Sussex to the United States, the punishment of Andrew of England removed from official life for his relations with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the preventive isolation of Elizabeth II in times of pandemic, At the company, as the British royal family is colloquially known, it is reorganized. In this new stage where the focus is on Charles of England as heir and on his son Guillermo, as second in line to the throne, Jorge and Carlota ofCambridge will also have a gap. With only seven and five years, respectively, the older children of William of England and Kate Middleton will make more official life, according to several and North American media have published.

In recent months, the children have already been with their parents in some acts and have participated in some solidarity tasks. The success and interest shown by their presence has reinforced the idea that it is necessary to increase their public life. The normal thing in other European royal houses is that the youngest members do not have official activity until they are 10 or 12 years old, this being always very small. It is not until the age of 18 when his representation work increases. This is the case, for example, of Isabel from Belgium who, having reached the age of majority, already has a role as heir while developing her training these months in the army. In Spain, 15-year-old Princess Leonor participates in a few events although she has already given several speeches at the awards that bear her name. In all her appearances she has been sheltered by her parents and her sister SofĂ­a.

According to palace sources, theCambridges “hope to be able to take the children with them on royal engagements” in 2021, provided those engagements do not interfere with their schooling, which they remain at St. Thomas Battersea. On the other hand, little Prince Louis will remain a little more in the shadow of royal obligations. In fact, at just two years old, the youngest in the family is probably too young to be around.

Last September Jorge met Sir David Attenborough, one of his favorite heroes. Kensington Palace released images of the meeting. Along with the prince were his brothers, Carlota and Luis. The three children also participated in a video in which they asked the scientist questions. Attenborough visited Kensington Palace and attended an open-air screening of his next feature film, A Life On Our Planet. Jorge and Carlota also participated in recent months in the distribution of solidarity food and in some tributes to the health workers who work to combat the pandemic. They have also accompanied their parents to cultural events. Jorge has even been in an act in the palace with Isabel II, his grandfather and his father.

The presence of the sons of the Duke and Duchess ofCambridge is a breath of fresh air for the British monarchy, which lived through a complicated year in 2020 while focusing on the central axis of the crown that passes through the direct line of succession to the throne leaving the other children of Isabel II and their children as secondary.

2021 will also be a year of celebration for the Windsors as they hope to commemorate 100 years of Philip of Edinburgh in style. The queen and her husband have spent the Christmas holidays alone and protected. Of course, Isabel II has been seen by video calls and in her traditional Christmas speech.

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