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Jorge Barba rescues the Cacereño

By the hair. In a game with several plot twists and a story that sometimes became disconcerting, Cacereño tied the three points this Sunday at the Prince Felipe after defeating (3-2) San Fernando from the Canary Islands with a goal from Jorge Barba in the 90 after taking advantage of the rejection of a missed penalty by Solano. A victory that serves Julio Cobos’ team to establish itself in second place in the table and to consolidate itself as the main contender to dispute the playoffs to the First RFEF, all the time Córdoba is on the way to direct promotion.

Although in the run-up to the match the coach of Cacereño had warned of the danger involved in the appointment if his players did not give one hundred percent against a San Fernando sunk in the relegation places, the green footballers showed two good faces on the pitch differentiated. Cacereño was once again a recognizable team as far as the offensive section is concerned, but the locals were guilty of excessive relaxation in defensive tasks and showed a condescension that could have cost the doyen of Extremadura football.

The Maspalomas squad, who wanted to play with fire with an advanced defense, started the game with a daring proposal and without any kind of stage fright. A bet that would later be punished by Cacereño. Although it was the locals who starred in the first chances, San Fernando struck with success in their first approach to the Bernabé area when Rayco won the game over Gayoso on the right wing and gave the ball to the heart of the area so that Joel shot the local goalkeeper the 10 minutes.

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José Ramón, Cacereño’s best man this Sunday, wanted to reply in individual play, but his shot with his left leg was saved by Samuel. Already in the 22nd minute, after a couple of good approaches by the Cobos team, José Ramón himself won his back against the visiting defense and stood alone against Samuel, whom he beat with a cross shot.


Barnabas; Aguado, Gayoso (Espinosa, min. 56), Marvin, Josín, Bermu (Kamal, min. 68), Yael (Carlos Fernández, min. 76), Carlos Andújar (Colau, min. 56), Solano, Jorge Barba and José Ramon.

Saint Ferdinand

Samuel, Stephane, Manu Alemán, Castaño, Leto, Aitor Brito (Omar, min. 46), Isidro, Moller (Farías, min. 60), Álex Cruz (Andrés, min. 72), Rayco (Javi Navarro, min. 72 ) and Joel (Pedro, min. 83).

  • goals
    Joel, min. 10 (0-1). Jose Ramon, min. 22 (1-1). Carlos Andujar, min. 31 (2-1). Alex Cruz, min. 45 (2-2). Jorge Beard, min. 90 (3-2).

  • Referee
    Garcia Rubio. Castile-La Mancha Committee. He admonished Jorge Barba, Colau and Kamal, from Cacereño, as well as visitors Moller, Álex Cruz, Omar, Manu Alemán, Aitor Brito and Stephane.

  • Incidents
    1,915 spectators at the Principe Felipe.

Against a San Fernando team that then went through the worst moments of the game, Cacereño turned the score around in the 31st minute. Jorge Barba, with a steal in the center of the field, started a play seconded by Solano, who assisted Andújar so that the winger, inside the area, starred in a shot that was deflected on goal by a defender from the Canarian team.

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Cacereño’s second goal did not serve to definitively deactivate San Fernando, who enjoyed a good chance in the 37th minute. Already in first-half injury time, visiting Moller was shot down inside the area by Marvin. The Castilian-Manchego García Rubio decreed a penalty that was converted by Álex Cruz.

Moller, who was beginning to be a nightmare for the locals, forced Bernabé to stretch shortly after the start of the second half. Solano, in ’51, made a car pass to stand before Samuel insurance.

After a good combination move initiated by Colau, the visiting goalkeeper once again spoiled the party for Cacereño, when José Ramón saw his shot neutralized inside the area with everything in his favour. On the rebound, in minute 67, San Fernando enjoyed an opportunity when the ball hit Bernabé’s crossbar.

A few minutes later, Julio Cobos was forced to pull Kamal, who had enjoyed a rest in the starting eleven due to the overload of minutes. Knowing that he could hurt his rival, San Fernando stepped on more of the opponent’s field in the final stretch and had it in his power to make it 2-3 with a loss by Marvin inside the area that was not taken advantage of by the visiting attackers.

In a frantic end to the match, fortune smiled at Cacereño once again with a controversial penalty called on Aguado when the match was dying in terms of regulation time. Solano missed from 11 metres, but Jorge Barba was smarter than the Canarian defenders to take advantage of the rebound and bring delirium to the local stands in the 90th minute. San Fernando, who put fear into Cacereño’s body in stoppage time, it was finally empty.

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“There has been excess confidence and we have been able to pay dearly for it”

Despite the satisfaction with the three points achieved by his team, the Cacereño coach, Julio Cobos, did not miss the opportunity to criticize himself: «There has been an excess of confidence and that has led us to save races. We have been able to pay dearly for it.”

Cobos lamented that his players lacked some “generosity” with the score 2-1 and acknowledged that Marvin’s penalty was “avoidable.” Likewise, he sent a message to navigators: «We have had several games in which I am not happy. Don Benito created many chances for us and today we haven’t been good defensively either.” Cobos also had words for the faithful: “The fans are dedicated to their team and know that things can happen until the last minute.”

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