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Jorge Correas: The first hotel for covid patients

The first medicalized hotel in the province opened its rooms at the end of March to covid patients and health workers who wanted to stay there to isolate themselves from their families and not infect their environment. A model that was joined by thirteen other holiday establishments in the province, nine of them in Benidorm and one more in Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela. But the one that paved the way was the San Juan hotel complex, better known as the doctors’ residence, located three minutes from the Sant Joan Hospital, which prepared 150 rooms in one of its buildings for the sick, and 80 more in another for health workers.

The hotel complex has 65,000 square meters, it is private and its clientele belongs to Previsión Sanitaria Nacional, an insurance mutual that was created for the Medical Associations of all Spain and that in 1985 was extended to any collegiate entity and a large registry of university professionals They can spend their holidays in one of the 300 rooms of the complex: doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, podiatrists, dentists, veterinarians … In other words, healthcare professionals are their clientele.

For this reason, they did not hesitate to cede their facilities for hospital use to the Ministry of Health. “We did what we had to do when it was needed and we would do it again. It was an extreme situation and in those delicate moments we could only contribute with our contribution, giving the facilities that were needed at that time. The Previsión Sanitaria Nacional group is a mutual company, according to the values ​​of solidarity with the people who need it. For this reason, we would be willing to do the same in case of need ”, insists Jorge Correas, director of the complex in reference to the third wave.

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The option of tourist accommodation to offer their rooms to an overwhelmed healthcare facility in hospitals due to the excess of patients when the pandemic broke out has been recognized by the newspaper with an “Important” of INFORMATION. A business group, such as the hotelier, which is suffering enormously since the health crisis began, with 160 establishments closed in the province of Alicante due to the lack of tourists with global fixed expenses of 100 million euros and 25,000 unemployed employees, according to a recent report by the Hosbec employer association, which adds up the personnel and financial costs, taxes, facilities and supplies. The season of this complex is from March to October but in 2020 it closed early as it ran out of customers. “We are hoping that the vaccine reaches the whole world and that people can travel again,” to receive tourists again, a sign that things will have normalized. A few years ago they opened their facilities to conferences and local events such as weddings, communions and baptisms. Grateful with the recognition, Correas recalls that it was an important effort and, after all, a business risk, because “it was to bet on what was needed at that time without looking at economic issues, something altruistic, we did not know how long it would last ». On June 6, the last patients were released. The will of the hospitality industry is also notable among the tourist sectors. A good number of Alicante restaurants, despite having their businesses closed, reached out and cooked menus in their premises for the most needy every day of the confinement.

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