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Jorge Delkáder Teig, the teaching of a calm editor | Society

Jorge Delkáder Teig, in an image provided by the family.
Jorge Delkáder Teig, in an image provided by the family.

Jorge Delkáder Teig, the second of the seven Delkáder brothers, among whom is our colleague Augusto, leaves behind so many friends as to fill the Cádiz beach, the place that he and his family have always identified with the geography of happiness. He died this Wednesday in Madrid, at the age of 73, after a prolonged illness.

In his adult life, that quiet man from Cádiz decided on the priesthood, but the executive capacity that he surely inherited from his father (“a one hundred percent Moorish father,” as Jorge himself used to say) led him to be the businessman who gave him to Editorial SM the strength of a first-rate company in the field of educational publishing, in Spain and Latin America. In this field, said this Thursday his friend Antonio María de Ávila, executive director of the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain, “the legendary Juan Isasa was the man who took care of relationships and Jorge was the one who took care of the management of a a business that was always well cared for by that unforgettable tandem ”.

In 1999, Jorge left the priesthood and also the company, to join, at the request of Isabel Polanco, the structure of Santillana. “When almost no one knew about it,” says Mariola García Adanero, who worked under him first in Spain and later in Mexico, “he dared with the digital content of Santillana Formación. Imagine: it was the first division of the educational group that did not deal with books or schools, when their experience in the Marianists had focused precisely on the development of both challenges ”, he adds. Delkáder surrounded himself to successfully carry out that absolute novelty of “those who had knowledge, and he did it with humility, commitment and courage.”

With that mission accomplished (which still stands, now under the name Bejob, and with Mariola in charge, precisely), Delkáder agreed to direct Santillana in Mexico, and did so until 2008 with “the daring and perseverance with which he put study, as if he were learning anew the trade that he already had in his experience ”. Upon his return from Mexico, he was a counselor of SM and worked for the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI).

With his companions it was like with his nephews. Jaime Delkáder, a doctor, Augusto’s son, says that Jorge “was a quiet man, capable of mixing teaching with affection. He was the guy who was always there, defending Cádiz as the heart of his landscape, and movies or books as the other passions of his life. Those times when we were there with him and my parents were some of the happiest of our lives ”. Emiliano Martínez, vice president of the Santillana Foundation, who met him many years ago and later coincided with his tasks in the group, said this Thursday of Jorge Delkáder: “He was a promoter, not just a manager in a mission in which he taught us to all the patience required for such a complex job ”.

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