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Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I need to stop to take care of myself, to ask myself what I want”

It happened on May 23. «We inform you that Jorge Javier Vázquez is temporarily unavailable due to a medical prescription. From Mediaset España we wish him a speedy recovery, ”wrote Estefanía Gómez, head of Content Press for the communication conglomerate, through the WhatsApp group in which the news of its programming is notified.

This Saturday, eleven days after Mediaset announced its withdrawal and after the cancellation of the space, Jorge Javier Vázquez addressed his followers for the first time on his Twitter account: «Sorry for stealing a moment. I want to thank all those people who have contacted me to show me their love, support and understanding. Your words make me smile, move to tears and keep thinking that it was worth it.

But sometimes you have to stop. The body and mind send you signals and throughout my life I have paid little attention to them. Until today. I need to stop to take care of myself. To ask me what I want. If I’m clear. If, since I don’t know, I better wait », she specified in a second tweet. Finally, he explained that “at the moment, going back is the last thing on my mind, although it may be what I most want tomorrow. Don’t know. So for now I can only say ‘Goodbye’. ‘As long as I can’. ‘Until it arises’. And above all, thank you. Thanks to you, it was worth it », he affirms in a last tweet that smells of farewell.

Mediaset decided on May 5 to put an end to ‘Sálvame’, the program that Jorge Javier Vázquez has hosted since 2009. The flagship of Telecinco, a space produced by La Fábrica de la Tele that changed not only the way of dealing with the issues of heart, but that it gave birth to a new way of making television, cheaper but also much less corseted and more imaginative, will lower the blind next Friday, June 23, after turning fourteen on the air.

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Its Deluxe edition, on the other hand, will continue on the air for two more editions, until July 7. Sources close to the production company assured then that neither the team nor the staff of La Fábrica de la Tele knew that Mediaset had decided to cancel ‘Save me’.

Remodeling of the chain

With this movement, the communication group will complete the remodeling of the chain that began after the departure of Paolo Vasile and the arrival of Alessandro Salem as CEO of Mediaset. The first indication of these changes came in February of this year when the chain was prohibited from talking about several characters that until now had given a lot of play in their programs. The list of banned celebrities included names such as Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David Flores, Fidel Albiac, Olga Moreno, Rocío Flores, Marta Riesco, Kiko Rivera or Bárbara Rey.

Then came the update of the code of ethics that governs all the company’s workers. With the new text, the group wanted politics to only have a place in current affairs or news programs on the chain and prohibited “issuing opinions, preferences or political comments within the program.” In this way, it limited Jorge Javier Vázquez from repeating moments such as “this program is for reds and fags.” However, it did allow Ana Rosa to express her opinion during the strip of her program dedicated to political gatherings.

A new update of the code of ethics, a week ago, included an action protocol applicable to reality television programs, in a document that includes ten basic rules divided into three sections and that aim to regulate coexistence and guarantee the health and well-being of the participants in formats such as ‘Survivientes’, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez himself, or ‘La isla de las tentaciones’, the spaces with the highest audience on Telecinco.

An afternoon with Ana Rosa

Starting in September, Ana Rosa Quintana will host the afternoons on Telecinco and will hand over the baton in the morning to Joaquín Prat, her co-host up to now.

Meanwhile, Jorge Javier Vázquez, who made his Mediaset debut with ‘Aquí hay tomate’ and has been with the Fuencarral network for more than two decades, will continue to be linked by contract to the network until 2025.

In a recent interview on TVE, Vázquez, who currently also presents a podcast entitled ‘Los burros de Fortunato’, spoke about his future in the network: «I work on television, television is not mine. A management team arrives and I understand what they want to do with the people who are working or with the dolls that we appear on television, whatever they want ».

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