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Jorge Masvidal responds to Jake Paul’s call, tells him to come to the UFC: ‘I’ll break your jaw’

Jake Paul scored another victory in his burgeoning boxing career Saturday, defeating former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley with a brutal sixth-round knockout to improve to 5-0 for his career.

After the fight, Paul (5-0, four KOs) called up two UFC fighters who attended the undercard: Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, who were in the fight at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, in support of Chris Avila. and Frank. Gore, respectively. Both fighters left before Paul KO’d Woodley in the main event.

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Paul took note of his absence in his post-fight interview in the ring. He taunted both fighters, apparently in an attempt to entice one or both of them to sign a fight contract. To date, Paul has gone undefeated against a YouTube celebrity (AnEsonGib), former NBA player (Nate Robinson), and MMA fighters (Ben Askren, Woodley).

“Masvidal and Nate Diaz, you guys are bs for leaving this arena, because I know you don’t want that shit,” Paul said in the ring. “So get out of your contract with Daddy Dana (White) and I’ll screw you too.”

Paul’s call was enough to prompt Masvidal to respond in kind with a diatribe full of profanity – although the UFC welterweight fighter didn’t seem interested in taking on Paul in boxing. Instead, he challenged the YouTube star-turned-fighter to face him at the UFC:

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Now to talk about that little bh, what’s-his-face? That shit, ”Masvidal said. Listen, man. You can’t pay me. You understand? Me and all the other names you mentioned, you can’t afford them. I know what you pay for and you say a great game. You say $ 50 million here, $ 50 million there. But bulls – t. “

“If that was the case, Floyd Mayweather would have taken the fight with you. But it hasn’t because you don’t generate that kind of income. You’re giving out free tickets. You got street teams handing out free tickets, man. Who are you selling dreams to? You can’t allow me to go home. “

(It should be noted that Mayweather went the distance in an exhibition match with his older brother Logan Paul. The fight was eight full rounds, with no declared winner.)

“So let me tell you a little secret about myself that you didn’t know,” Masvidal continued. “I fight for money or to fight the best in the world. You’re neither of us, you understand? I know it hurts. “

“I’ll tell you what. Come to the UFC, sign a one-fight contract and let Dana give you whatever she has to pay you back. I’ll break your jaw in front of everyone, I promise. If you really want it, come get it. Man to man, none of that boxing shit, where I can’t hit your spinal cord and leave you in a wheelchair for life. Come so we can do everything. If you want, it’s here, if not, shut your mouth. ” .

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Paul is unlikely to accept Masvidal’s offer (35-15, 16 KOs) to fight in the UFC. After all, you have discovered a successful formula by carefully selecting your opponents in the sport of boxing, where rules prohibiting tactics like wrestling, judo, grappling, leg strikes, submissions, and more give you an best chance of victory.

That said, Paul has taken a great first step in creating what could be a verbal rivalry with Masvidal, which will only aid his attempts to create news about future boxing matches. In that sense, Paul’s call was a resounding success, regardless of whether Masvidal fights him in the ring.

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