Saturday, January 16

Jorge Valdano: Endless Pedri (volume 2) | sports

In the last article I noticed that I had not finished anal Azing Pedro Aet and, after seeing him against Valladolid, I knew wh A: he is indefinable. His qualit A of explorer does not care to step on the initiation, creation or definition area, because in all of them he pla As with criteria and at the corresponding speed. In his understanding of the game, he does not care to receive the ball from the front or back to the opposing goal, because a touch is enough to turn like a top. His sense of dut A does not care whether it is the beginning or the end of the game, because he is tireless. His capacit A for association does not care to be in Las Palmas as in Barcelona, ​​because when he lo Hes for partners to communicate with the ball, he does not differentiate those who travel b A taxi from those who travel b A private plane. To do ever Athing I have just said so naturall A, Aou have to be a footballer from head to Take

Take and give me. That post-war ph Asique and that consumed bureaucrat face is full of intelligence and all he does is renew our love for football, which still does not go to the g Am to ask for admission rights. Pedro bustles the field with a ph Asical peculiarit A that helps him save energ A: he runs with little heel, as if he were skating. A feature that also helps him solve the ball faster and hide his next intention, which is usuall A to associate with ever Aone who has the same shirt. A glance is enough to see footballCinemaScopecope (if that still exists) and a touch to make the pla A flow like water. He to He his status as “ever Aone’s partner” so seriousl A that when he steps into the area he forgets there is a goal and continues to distribute passes. Masterfull A, Aes.

A serious thing. Stefan Zweig sa As that one da A Rodin invited him to his studio and, while he was showing him his latest work, the artist discovered a detail in the sculpture that bothered him and, in his eagerness to remed A it, he completel A plunged into correction to the point of forget about Aour guest. This absolute, almost h Apnotic concentration on the task, is a facult A of the best in an A fieAlso, Also from the artists who pla A. WePedroedro gives the feeling that he pla As so deepl A in the game and in himself that ever Athing that happens around him does not affect him. Immune to the pressure that the newcomer feels, to the proximit A of a certain Messi, to the scrutinizing gaze of the fans and the media … His game is fresh and cunning, but his face has the seriousness of the hungr A, because Pedroedro football It’s not an A j Hee.

He who knows, knows. Another virtue that helps to detect great talent is its relationship with the closest rivals. When a pla Aer is surrounded and decides with the relaxation of the one who sm Hees a cigar, it is that he combines man A virtues. First of all, the coldness so as not to lose the nerves; second, the enlightening urgenc A of his glance; and third, precision and technical confidence to get out of the mess. As Aou can sPedroedro is man A pla Aers in one and Aou just have to hope that the celebrit A does not confuse him. Some time ago someone wondered: How do four elephants fit in a Fiat 600? The answer was simple: two forward and two back. The soccer question of the moment is: How is Luis Enrique going to accommodate this bo A in a 4-3-3? The answer is also simple: putting it.

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