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Jorge Valdano is against the VAR: “It is the beginning of an invasion that is going to deform football”

Valdano says that the injustices get bigger with the VAR.

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The ex-footballer and ex-coach Jorge Valdano He said this Thursday at a conference that he is against Video Assistance to the Referee (VAR), because he believes that this tool “is the beginning of an invasion that is going to deform football.”

“Football is 150 years old, it has captured the attention of the whole world and I don’t see the need to invade it with regulatory modifications like the five changes, with theories to improve it, such as kicking out the outskirts, or with the invasion of the VAR that takes away the rhythm of the game and ends up deforming it. We speak as if it were a new game that has just appeared and we are looking for the content ”, explained Valdano.

The Argentine spoke at a conference at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University auditorium about his career in the field of sports and sports management, in the cycle of conferences on sports management and journalism of the CEU Empresa Forum for communication, sports and management students and business management from the university.

Regarding the VAR, Valdano continued that the element of justice is incontestable, but pointed out that with this tool “injustices become greater and one ends up believing that there is a conspiracy against his team.”

He was critical of the Super League.

On the other hand, the former soccer player expressed that it is increasingly important that academically prepared people come to football, because this sport has mobilized the leisure industry and now there is a need for young people not to disengage, because this type of audience has 10,000 different entertainment possibilities that compete with football.

“They confuse soccer with entertainment and that is a major brand mistake. Soccer is not entertainment, it is emotion. It is entertainment plus feeling. There is a natural sequence from parent to child when you join a team, you stick with your community team. That journalism students do not forget that when they talk about soccer they talk about emotions and that has no competition, “he explained.

Finally, Valdano said that in South America “It gives the feeling that each time they are further away and it will be difficult for us to get closer to European football, also due to the economic difference”.

“The street is being lost. In Spain they work in an excellent way with young boys, but in South America they have not been able to combine the street scene with academic training ”, he reflected.

The event also had the participation of the vice president of Villarreal CF, José Manuel Llaneza, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences of the CEU UCH, Elías Durán, and the director of the Castellón campus of this university, José María Sight.

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