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José Entrecanales and Claudia Osborne, a wedding that brings two dynasties back together | People

The relationship between José Entrecanales and Claudia Ortiz could be the union of two great dynasties of the economy, business, wine and even television in Spain. But, in reality, it supposes the reunification of the same. Because the two young men, known until now more for their ascendants than for their professions or their lives – with which they seek to remain relatively discreet – are cousins, distant, but cousins. The young man, son of the president of Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq and his wife, María Carrión, is a relative of Claudia, daughter of Bertín Osborne and his first wife, who died in 2004, Sandra Domecq. The surnames match and the ancestry as well. Claudia’s maternal grandfather (Sandra Domecq’s father) was the brother of José’s great-grandfather. And now the two sagas rejoin with the couple’s wedding, which will take place next October.

Entrecanales and Ortiz have been dating, as far as it has been known, for just a year, but their relationship is established enough that they have decided to take a firm step and get married. In fact, they already live together, in Madrid, where they are installed first for work, but also to be able to be together, after several stages that have taken them all over the world.

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Claudia is the most mediatic of the couple, being the youngest daughter of the popular Bertín Osborne and Sandra Domecq, the third after Alejandra and Eugenia. Later, Bertín has had two children with Fabiola Martínez and Sandra with Ana Cristina Portillo, with whom the three oldest form a pineapple and have recently starred in a fashion campaign.

The 32-year-old girl has studied Graphic Design and also Law, where she specialized with a master’s degree in Boston. At the end he stayed for a season working in New York. In fact, there he founded his own fashion brand. But when she returned to Madrid in 2018, and after a painful breakup that plunged her into a depression, she saw that her passion was personal counseling, coaching. He trained on it and even wrote a book; now he teaches workshops and sessions.

Her fiancé’s journey is similar to that of Claudia: a family of many siblings, studies outside of Spain, an intense career and a return home to the roots. In his case, José is the oldest of the four children of Entrecanales and Carrión, and behind him are Gonzalo, Clotilde and Gerardo. His parents, with an estimated fortune of 325 million euros, according to Forbes, are well known in the business world and in the third sector. María Carrión is president of the NGO Musicians in Action, that seeks to improve the quality of life of the sick and hospitalized with music therapy. Entrecanales is the president of Acciona (for whose position he pocketed 36.6 million euros in 2020), and before him was his father, José María Entrecanales de Azcárate, until in 2004 he ceded control to him (he died in 2008) . He has previously directed other large companies such as Airtel, Vodafone or Endesa, in addition to being a patron of the Prado Museum or foundations such as the Princess of Asturias or the Alalá, which seeks culture and art to help social integration. A path whose footsteps your child seems to be following.

In his adolescence, José Entrecanales studied at the prestigious Eton, where princes Guillermo and Enrique of England have also passed. Shortly before finishing his studies in Law and Business Administration at ICADE, in Madrid, he was doing an internship in London in the summer of 2013 at ED&F Man, a company founded in the 18th century and now with more than 7,000 employees specialized in imports and agricultural exports. After finishing university, he went to work at Goldman Sachs, one of the most important consulting firms in the world, where he spent two years focusing on investment banking. It was in 2016, when he decided to expand his studies at the prestigious Harvard University, in the US There he did an MBA, a master’s degree in business administration, until 2018, and that summer he combined it with a few months employed in an investment fund in London. Then he went to Toronto, Canada, to work in another powerful investment fund, CCPIB.

He has stayed in the Canadian city until just a month ago, when he has decided to return to Madrid to face a new stage, now in Acciona, where he has become head of strategy and corporate development of the Energy subsidiary of the large company.

José is not only interested in the business world. He is a great athlete. He plays polo with his father in Sotogrande, he likes skiing and windsurfing, which he practices in his mother’s native Cantabria. He is also fond of tough triathlons, which involve physically demanding running, swimming and cycling, and has been well positioned in recent world championships (10th in South Africa last year; 3rd in Malaysia in 2019 and fifth in Switzerland in 2018). Hobbies very different from those of his girlfriend, who is more fond of meditation and yoga. But there is something they share: a dog, a spotted dachshund with whom they walk through the streets of Madrid. The first addition to your little family.

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