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José Luis Moreno led a complex money laundering network, part of which laundered drug money




The television producer Jose Luis Moreno, 74, has been arrested by the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police, in collaboration with the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Barcelona, ​​accused of belonging to a criminal organization, fraud, money laundering and falsification of documents, although crimes could increase as the investigations progress. At this time, records are still being carried out in Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish provinces. So far, 53 arrests have been made in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante and Murcia, and fifty searches are planned. The rapid leak of the operation has jeopardized obtaining some evidence, ABC has learned.

The investigations place Moreno at the head of a complex corporate network that was used to launder large amounts of money. The inquiries, which They began in 2018 when a ‘mule’ was detected, a car with a double bottom with more than one million euros, indicate that the plot constituted hundreds of companies without any activity that they later used for their activities. The damage caused by the network exceeds 50 million euros, according to current estimates, although abundant intervened documentation is awaiting analysis.

Two ‘lines of business’

There were two ‘lines of business’ in the organization. The first, whose activities took place mainly in Barcelona, was dedicated to laundering the money of drug traffickers settled in the Netherlands through the shell companies created by the network. From there, they either laundered by requesting millionaire loans with the support of the companies, or they did cross-billing to make the origin of the funds opaque. In this branch there is no direct link between the veteran producer – he is not accused of this crime., although the sources consulted by ABC place him in the first echelons of the organization in which this group was framed.

For the second ‘modus operandi’, the collaboration of bank employees, who received the corresponding bribe for their help, was key. In this case, again with the backing of the business network, they got very wide lines of credit, including those opened by the ICO due to the pandemic and to support commercial activity abroad, which then did not return. Thanks to their contacts within the bank offices they managed to ensure that no one claimed their defaults from them. The money thus obtained was then reverted to figureheads before reaching those responsible for the organization.

The network offered individuals to participate in business projects supposedly endorsed by a group of solvent companies, but when they got them to invest their money, they diverted it in such a way that they could not get it back. Several of them have denounced the scam suffered.

Among those arrested, in addition to those responsible for the network, there are bank employees, front men and some sources indicate that a notary would also be involved, although this point is not confirmed.

About 50 million

The police operation, baptized with the name of ‘Titella’, is directed by the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 2 of the National Court, Ismael Moreno. The secrecy of summary is decreed. The agents calculate that those investigated cheated more than 50 million euros.

Those responsible for the operation decided to wait to make the arrests until José Luis Moreno returned to Spain from a trip abroad, according to sources consulted by ABC. The agents are currently inside their cHalé from Boadilla del Monte practicing a record, which is added to the fifty that are being carried out in the rest of Madrid and in the province of Barcelona, ​​in addition to other parts of Spain.

Successful producer

José Luis Moreno, who apparently had significant debts – in fact he is on the most important list of defaulters of the Tax Agency known yesterday – is one of the most important producers on the Spanish scene. Graduated in Medicine, he started in the world of show as ventriloquist with his dolls Monchito, Macario and the Rockefeller magpie, reaching unprecedented success in Italy, he went on to produce variety shows and series of success. He has been a programmer for theater and opera shows and has launched great artists such as Mónica Naranjo and Alejandro Sanz to stardom.

Since 1996 and until now, it has crept into our homes with programs such as “Maravillas 10 y pico”, “Look who’s coming tonight”, “Party night” or “VIP night” and series with a large audience such as “Aqui no hay who lives “or” the one that is coming. “

Robberies at his house

But not everything has been joys in the life of José Luis Moreno. In recent years, controversy has surrounded him: pending debts, problems with justice and the two robbery attempts that he has lived in his house have conditioned his life. In 2007 a gang of six Kosovar Albanians They broke into Moreno’s chalet while he was sleeping inside. Unlike what many would do, José Luis Moreno refused to give them the key to his safe, and as a result they hit him on the head with an ax. On 2016 suffered a new robbery attemptBut Moreno had learned from the past and was prepared to react. This time he met the two assailants in the garden, he faced them and managed to flee.

Very close to his brothers and his nephews, especially Alberto and Laura Caballero, with whom he has worked side by side for years, Moreno has three childrenThe result of three marriages with a woman of Greek nationality, another Italian and a third German, of which he knows little or nothing.

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