Wednesday, December 1

José María Carrascal: It was not so much defeat



I mean that of the Americans in Afghanistan. Although it could also be said “such a victory for the Taliban was not.” The proof is that amnesty that they promise and treat women better than the previous time they ruled. Of course, they add “as long as they observe Islamic Law” that slashes all hope, since the Shura, a set of Islamic precepts, is the most anti-feminine legislation that exists, limiting its role to within the home, and not even to all of it, but to the kitchen, bedroom, shared, and babysitting. To go out, a man of the family must accompany her and wear a burqa. Justifying all this with the Pharisaic “to protect them.”

There is, therefore, every reason to doubt such

promises knowing, in addition, that they have all the time they want to achieve their goal and know the little western memory.

But there may be another reason that makes them more cautious and even willing to make certain concessions. And it is his own town. Over the past twenty years, Afghanistan has undergone more change than in the past twenty centuries. Not in the countryside, where the Taliban continue to dominate, but in the cities, where the majority of the population is crowded. A new generation of girls has gone to school – she admires how interested they write in their notebooks – institutes and training centers. Today they are teachers, nurses, lawyers, some even mayors and occupy high positions in the administration. That, there, is more revolutionary than what happened in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Among the boys, without going so far, a nationalism arises that prompted some to raise the traditional tricolor flag, against the white one with phrases from the Koran of the new Islamic Emirate, which could and can cost dearly if they run into a surveillance patrol of bearded.

How is this going to end? Women, of course, are not going to give up because their lives are literally going to be about it. On them it is more difficult to forecast. I imagine that the most lazy will take advantage of the advantages that Shura grants to men and will continue as their ancestors. But it is also certain that the most restless, who have seen that there is another exciting world outside that cave, will not resign themselves to losing it.

Is that what has made the Taliban more cautious, who have seen the fury with which many of their compatriots are struggling to leave the country ruled by them? I do not know. But we, who have had the immense luck of being born into a free world, are obliged to closely follow the progress of these events, and to help them come to fruition in whatever way we can.

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