Wednesday, February 21

Josep Borrell asks to “take seriously” Putin’s threats and says that the war has entered a “dangerous” phase

  • The High Representative of the European Union diplomacy defends that it is urgent to find a diplomatic solution that “preserves the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Ukraine

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borrellhas urged the international community to “take it seriously” the nuclear threats of the Russian President, Vladimir Putinand has warned that the war in Ukraine has entered a “dangerous” phase. Borrell has echoed Putin’s words earlier in the week when he announced that Moscow had “various weapons of destruction” and that he was not lying when he said that Russia would “use all the means at your disposal”.

“When people say that it’s not a lantern it must be taken seriously”, said the highest representative of European diplomacy in an interview for the British BBC in which he warned that Russia’s latest moves have caused the war to enter a “dangerous” stage. Along with the warnings about the possible use of nuclear weapons, Putin announced at the beginning of the week a “partial mobilization” of the populationwhile the Russian Ministry of Defense pointed to the deployment of 300,000 reservists in Ukraine.

In this context, Borrell considers that the Russian leader has faced in recent weeks several defeats on the battlefield, while acknowledging that Putin’s reaction to these setbacks “it was very bad”, because it has done nothing but escalate tensions. So, although he agrees with the expert analysis that Russia is now on the defensive, he considers that it is urgent to reach a “diplomatic solution (…) that preserve sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, in order not to obtain a short-term peace, but rather a lasting one.

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On a more personal level, the person in charge of European diplomacy has recognized that the war in Ukraine dominates today all spheres, including his personal one, since, he says, from relatives to international politicians they ask him when the conflict will end. However, and although it is difficult to find an adequate answer, Borrell considers that the course to follow goes through give continuity to the rounds of sanctions against the Russian economy and ensure support for Ukraine for the defense of its territory and sovereignty.

Finally, Borrell has recognized that all the leaders who have talked with Putin about the war have obtained as a response that Russia has “military objectives” and that, until I get them, “the war will continue”. “This is a really worrying direction, but we have to continue to support Ukraine,” he concluded.

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