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Josep Borrell claims the role of the European Union as a peace project

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, stressed that the war in Ukraine reminds us in a “dramatic and striking” way. the enduring value of the EU as a peace project and as a “strong actor” to defend and promote security on the continent and in the world.

“Through this war, Europe’s process of learning to use the language of powers is accelerating”assured Borrell in a statement on the occasion of the celebration of the europe daywhich commemorates this Monday the 72nd anniversary of its founding act, Robert Schumann’s declaration proposing the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community on May 9, 1950.

This May 9, 2022 “must underline this growing awareness: defend the EU and the values ​​on which it is based; put our collective power at the service of our partner Ukraine to defend itself and its full and complete sovereignty; work with the international community to preserve key international norms and security and exercise solidarity to address the global consequences of this aggression,” Borrell listed.

Firstly, he stressed that the Member States have shown “the strongest political unit against aggression”something that some would have considered “unthinkable”, including Russia.

“Such determination” by adopting economic and financial sanctions by the Twenty-seven, in coordination with the G7, was possible, according to Borrell, because everyone understood “the seriousness of the attack and the dangers that it entailed” since it began on February 24 last.

The countries of the European Union were unable to achieve this Sunday an agreement to ban imports of oil from Russia as a response to the war in Ukraine, due to the difficulties posed for some partners by its dependence on Moscow crude, and whose restrictions are being included in the sixth package of sanctions.

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By working collectively to end Europe’s energy dependency on Russiathe EU shows that it is “stronger in the sum of its parts than when the Member States act alone”.

“It is not only a stronger player in the international energy market, but also limits the exposure of its individual Member States to energy blackmail. This will enhance the EU’s strategic resilience,” she said.

Another key element that Borrell highlighted in the EU’s action in this Russian war in Ukraine was the decision to use, for the first time in history, financial resources of the European Fund for Peace to help an attacked state defend itself.

Three tranches have already been disbursed a total of 1,500 million eurosrecalled the Spanish politician, pointing out that this European support is accompanied by direct military support from the Member States.

Finally, Borrell stressed that “the strength and determination of the EU’s response in support of Ukraine not only benefits and interests Europeans”.

“This is not a question of ‘the West’ against Russia. The defense of the fundamental international principless enshrined in the Charter of the The United Nations concerns the North, the East, the South and the West equally,” continued the head of European diplomacy.

And he recalled that “no less than 141 states of the international community have explicitly rejected Russian aggression against Ukraine” at the UN General Assembly.

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By doing so, according to Borrell, “they are defending their own territorial integrity and sovereignty against future potential aggressions and saying ‘no’ to the return of the law of the jungle in international relations”.

But also “They are saying ‘no’ to the falsehoods of the Russian leadership and the cloak of multilateral relativism under which they intend to cover up their actions,” he said.


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