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Journalist burst into tears while reporting the attacks at the airport in Colombia

The reporter noted that her cameraman was able to focus when the police approached the box, which then exploded.

Photo: Mario Caicedo / EFE

The consternation over the two explosions in the vicinity of the Camilo Daza Airport, in Cúcuta, Colombia, has been noticeable in the people who live in the surroundings of the place, including a journalist, who could not help crying while recounting the tragic event that had occurred minutes before and that left three dead.

The journalist Julieth Cano, from the Colombian media Caracol Televisión and Blu Radio, had arrived at the scene after the first explosion was known, finding herself very close to the place where the second detonation occurred that killed the two policemen who were approaching analyze the explosive, El Heraldo reported.

“We are only half a block from where the second explosion just happened, two policemen were trying to inspect if there were explosives in a box, sadly it detonated when they approached the explosive charge and they died immediately“, Reported the journalist Cano with a broken voice.

The journalist continued recounting the details of the moment of the second explosion and how the cameraman was able to focus on the police who were approaching the box that ended up exploding and killing them.

“My cameraman was able to take the police officers as they approached the box, I was leaving because they said there were more explosives in the area. This occurred in the Airport neighborhood, along the entire grid that divides the runway where the first explosion occurred, which is where there are many homes. People are very terrified, ”he continued.

But the events that she had recently witnessed overwhelmed her to such an extent that in the middle of the transmission she completely broke when she saw the bodies of the two policemen who died in the attack.

“Here I am seeing the two policemen smashed to pieces, my God (…) this scene is really too terrible. OMG this is amazing. I can’t, I can’t, we have to withdraw“Said the journalist.

Colombia was shaken this Tuesday by an attack that so far has left three dead, including the two officers and a civilian who was handling the explosive charge.

Silvano Serrano, governor of Norte de Santander, department of the city of Cúcuta, told reporters that the alleged terrorist was the one who moved the explosive box.

Apparently, a second device that was at the site is the one that causes the death of the two uniformed men.“Said the governor.

Likewise, Iván Duque, president of Colombia, repudiated the terrorist attack in Cúcuta on social networks and affirmed that they are in coordination with security and intelligence bodies to find the suspects of the incident.

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