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Jovenel Moïse’s widow cries out for justice at his grave: “You have been abandoned and betrayed” | International

The former first lady of Haiti, Martine Moïse, accused this Friday in a fiery speech to the Haitian oligarchy of what happened to her husband, who was tortured and murdered at his home in Port-au-Prince on October 7, in an attack in the one who was injured herself. “You have been abandoned and betrayed,” he said in front of the president’s coffin to the applause of those attending the funeral, which was held in the president’s family home in Cap-Haitien, in the north of the country. “You were brutally murdered. It has been conspired against you. They hated you, they threw poison at you ”, continued the woman, dressed completely in black and with one arm in a sling.

Martine Moïse returned to Haiti this week from Miami, where he dealt with the wounds received during the assassination attack that was also witnessed by the couple’s two children, who were unharmed. As he said, his family “is going through dark days.” The widow took advantage of the funeral to deliver a speech in which she recalled the 25 years of marriage she shared with the former president. And, as she did a few days after the crime, she pointed out to the oligarchy for orchestrating the murder for the changes that her husband wanted to carry out, among which she mentioned the fight against violence and corruption or equal opportunities for access to the public function. “Today is Jovenel Moïse. Tomorrow it will be her, him; it will be me; it will be us, “he said before calling for justice.

Assassination in Haiti

“We do not want revenge or violence. We will not give in to fear. We will look at them [a los asesinos] straight into the eyes. We will tell them that enough is enough ”, he added. Last February, Jovenel Moïse himself said in an interview with EL PAÍS that “a group of oligarchs” was preparing a coup and wanted to assassinate him. And he pointed out as responsible, without citing them, the Vorbe, one of the most powerful families, owners of electricity in the country. So far, at least 26 people have been arrested for their alleged participation in the assassination, including 18 Colombian hitmen, at least three Haitian policemen and six civilians from that country, some residents in the United States. But the investigation continues to be surrounded by unknowns and it has not yet been established who the mastermind was or who financed such an expensive operation.

Shots cause the flight of international delegations

A family home that the Moïse had near the city of Cap-Haitien was the chosen place for the burial. That northern city was the scene of protests by supporters of the late president who demanded justice and burned barricades on several roads. This led the National Police to fire ammunition and tear gas. At the sound of gunfire, the United Nations and United States delegations fled the funeral.

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The protesters especially criticized the head of the National Civil Police, Léon Charles, who upon arrival at the funeral was greeted by shouts of “Murderer” and “Where is Jovenel?” The newspaper Miami Herald has revealed that on the night of his death, Moïse made several calls after 1:30 in the morning in an interval of ten minutes to various agents of the National Police in which he warned that they were shooting at his house and asked for help.

But the president died after ten minutes of torture and asking for help that did not arrive in time. From the beginning of the investigation, it has been suspected that the agents and members of Moïse’s security team could be accomplices in the murder, since they were unharmed in the attack carried out by heavily armed men.

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