Thursday, May 26

Jovic, a claim just in time



Real Madrid increased its difference in command of Spanish football and the only pending issue that remains for the club and its coach is whether the exploitation of its security corridor, formed by Courtois, Militao, Alaba, Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Vinicius, and Casemiro, will hold with this rhythm ten months. Youngsters like Militao and Vini Jr. can take it all. The dilemma is formed by the veterans. Benzema said enough in San Sebastián. It is a warning. Luka Jovic, who gave a goal and scored the second, took over to sweeten the bad news of the Frenchman’s loss with his first goal of the season, his first assist and a boost of morale he needed before being immersed in the winter market.

Affected by his situation, hurt by his substitution, psychologically weak, the Serbian striker took very good advantage of the loss of the League gunner to open your private account after adding only 181 minutes this season, spread over nine duels. With those urgencies of a few minutes in each game it is difficult to give up, although to receive opportunities you have to earn them.

Last night he was able to finally play almost a complete match. He played 75 minutes, after Benzema’s injury after a quarter of an hour, and it was decisive after a first half in which he touched four balls and, as usual, made negative gestures, lacking faith in himself. Until he appeared inside the area and gave Vinicius the first goal of the match. Without rest, the Serbian headed in the small area the next Madrid attack, in a typical action of nine classic, and signed his first goal of the course.

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Benzema, ni Inter ni derbi

We will see if Jovic continues at Real Madrid in January. Has offers. To recover emotionally you need games, minutes. Benzema’s ailment will mark that path.

The Frenchman, the league’s gunner, is the fifth player with the most minutes in the leader’s squad, surpassed by Courtois, Militao, Alaba and Vinicius. His body suffered in San Sebastián. He had added 1,675, the last fifteen in Anoeta, when he knelt on the grass and asked for the change, a metaphor of genuflection in the face of so much excess of games. The Real Sociedad footballers came to console him. His face said it all.

Ancelotti asked him what was wrong with him. Without stoppingConcerned about the extent of his ailment, he pointed to his hamstrings and the back of his left knee. Today he will undergo medical tests, but he is safe against Inter and if the MRI confirms his hamstring injury, he will not be measured at Atlético either.

Ancelotti has done many things well and the lack of cast of Efforts in his team is the most critical question of a management that leadership, loose, reaffirms.

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