Tuesday, December 1

Juan Carlos I is left with only one lane: “Lady, you can’t stop there!”

Cars on the sidewalk while the last defense of the bike lane of Juan Carlos I street in Elche has just been placed

Cars on the sidewalk while the last defense of the bike lane of Juan Carlos I street in Elche has just been placed

A policeman, the only one who regulates traffic on the avenue on a daily basis Juan Carlos I of Elche At the time of entering and leaving the Santa María school, he rebukes a driver. “Lady, you can’t stop there!” He does it with his arm raised and from his position on the pedestrian crossing, after checking that the parking lot has cut off traffic from both the avenue and the transversal way, Durán street (for clarification, where the Royal cafeteria is), to which the agent was giving way at that time and where the tourism came from.

The bus passing through the lane of Juan Carlos I avenue in Elche and that, according to the neighbors, “hardly fits” Antonio Amorós

Mrs, pizpireta and with heelsHe comes down quickly as if he was not listening to the agent and opens the hood of the vehicle from where he takes out a school backpack. The agent continues to rebuke her attitude (only those who are a policeman and have regulated traffic know that it is one of the toughest activities on the street and this is not for nonsense), but she pretends that it does not exist and does not look at it. Then he goes to a back door and after opening it, a small child in his school uniform. The woman dispatches him quickly, with almost no kisses or cuddles, and tries to accompany him to the sidewalk (I’d rather go to the center door) but the scene still ends up driving the agent out of his boxes and rebuilds the figure, gets in the vehicle and he comes out whistling, like the child who almost drags his backpack, as if he does not know how to carry it. A few meters away, a television camera records the scene while the deputy PP spokesman, José Navarro, who had come to see the premiere of the bike lane, already perfectly signposted from today with the security measures, also approaches. Today there will surely be a press conference.

This has been one of the scenes of the “premiere” of the bidirectional bike lane for bicycles on Juan Carlos I avenue in Elche, which since today, due to the placement of the vertical milestones and the slugs, prevents vehicles from unconsciously getting into them to stop because they are added to the double horizontal and continuous lane on the ground, to the bicycle lane signs everywhere, to the speed limit signs 30 kilometers per hour and vertical. The main section that is the bottleneck is the one that runs through the façade of the school, it is finished, although the company hired by the City Council has not finished the work. In any case, from middle street, the cars begin to get on the sidewalk one after the other, extending the parking lot and those who do not have an SUV, one of those high places that are so fashionable, notice it in the suspension and in the low floor, that more than one scratch. Many parents have staggered their arrival this morning and there are from those who had their homework done at 8.45 to those who, slowly, approached after 9.10. The movement in the fifteen parking spaces, which are shared with an area and unloading, has been incessant and more than one has won the lottery when, desperate and seeing that he was not going to be able to park, have seen a flashing light savior of someone who wanted to join the traffic.

An agent regulates traffic on Juan Carlos I avenue in Elche today Antonio Amorós

With two lanes of vehicle traffic, the avenue was already registering collapse and also collapse every day because the parents had converted a traffic lane into a double parking lane to leave the younger children, but now it is impossible and when many of them reached the crossing Juan Carlos I avenue with Daoiz street, which is what most of them did, and which became a torture of traffic (most of the honks came from that area) they discovered where the problem was: the new funnel. At that time, the first cyclists were also beginning to be seen, enjoying a lane that the City Council and the Department of Urban Mobility directed by the mayor Esther Díez (Compromís) wants to put as an example of a green city committed to the environment. Where did the cars of the parents who brought their children go? It is difficult to answer because everyone on the sidewalk does not fit, nor in the fords in the area and the only private parking, that of a hypermarket, was not open yet. Mysteries of Elche.

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