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Juan Carlos I, waiting for the Supreme Court file to return to Spain

The government and the Real home they assume that the King Juan Carlos it is who has to decide whether to return to Spain from the United Arab Emirates and when they would do it, although they assume that It will not be before the Prosecutor’s Office Supreme court conclude your inquiries on the accounts of the former head of state.

The closure of the investigation in Switzerland on the donation of 65 million euros from Saudi Arabia to Juan Carlos I has fueled expectations that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office will also file open proceedings on the emeritus king, despite the new six-month extension to incorporate the latest documentation sent by the Swiss country.

“Even if you know how it will end, you have to be very precise,” say sources from the Prosecutor’s Office to show that there will be no criminal case against Don Juan Carlos for any of the three ongoing investigations, although there will be a very detailed report from how you handled your money abroad.

The more than likely filing of the case has again unleashed rumors about the return of Don Juan Carlos to Spain from Abu Dhabi, where he has been residing since August 2020. The father of Felipe VI, who will turn 84 on January 5, He reappeared in public last Friday in the emirate to watch a game played by tennis player Rafa Nadal, with whom he has a good friendship.

The Government has made it clear that it is not his place to take sides and that it will be “respectful” with what the Royal House and Juan Carlos I agree on. From the Palacio de la Zarzuela, the position that is wielded is that it is the former head of state who must determine if and when he returns. consider it a matter that concerns your private life.

They recall that Don Juan Carlos was the one who took the step of leaving after the letter he sent to his son in which he communicated his temporary transfer to Abu Dhabi after the controversy raised by the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

La Zarzuela also emphasizes that what the emeritus king does does not interfere in the line of action of Felipe VI and in his commitment marked at the beginning of his reign to bet on a renewed monarchy, which led him to renounce his inheritance and withdraw his economic allocation from the State.

Political reactions

The PSOE has joined the thesis that King Juan Carlos has his hands free to return if he wishes. “We have nothing to raise against him being in Spain. We will not object if nothing prevents you from returning. There is no reason to oppose it, ”said the Socialist spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, last Thursday.

From the surroundings of Juan Carlos I, it is insisted that wants to set foot in Spain again, although doubts persist as to where he would stay and if he would aspire to do so at the Palacio de la Zarzuela by continuing to be a member of the Royal Family, although without the 200,000 euro salary he had.

There is nothing decided”, Official sources remarked in light of the information published in recent days about the King Emeritus’s plans, some of which suggest that he would maintain his fiscal residence in Abu Dhabi, from where he would travel to Spain periodically to see family and friends.

Sources from the Moncloa point out that there has been no contact with the Zarzuela to prepare the operation of an eventual return, which, they add, is not contemplated before the Prosecutor’s Office closes its investigations.

Among those who endorse the return of Don Juan Carlos are the former presidents of the Government Felipe González and Mariano Rajoy, who have agreed in recent days that “the logical thing is that he comes”And is in Spain. The chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, has no reluctance upon his return, but he again demanded this Friday to give explanations, a demand shared by former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and former minister José Bono.

For United We Can, Juan Carlos I “would only have to return to Spain to render accounts before the Justice and the citizens for their scandals corruption and their illicit businesses”, According to its leader, Ione Belarra.

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