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Juan Espadas predicts that there will be Andalusian elections in the spring and predicts that the PSOE will go up in the polls

John Swords, general secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party in Andalusia (PSOE-A) and candidate for the presidency of the Andalusian Government in the upcoming regional elections, today, Monday, he was the protagonist of a new meeting in the forum The Breakfasts of Diario CÓRDOBA, which was held this morning at the Eurostar Palace hotel in the Cordovan capital. Espadas, who later met with businessmen from Cordoba and plans to visit Aguilar de la Frontera, predicted that the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, regional elections will be called this spring and that the decision will depend on the results of the PP in the elections of Castilla y León. “Stay tuned to the face of the Andalusian president on February 13, that is the key to knowing if we are talking about May or June or after the summer.”

The socialist candidate has lamented the “perverse dynamic” in which, in his opinion, the national leader of the PP is dragging his party: “Mr. Casado has a vital anguish for having an opportunity, because the leaders of his party are eating up ground , Y it is generating a pressure that some buy from it like Moreno Bonilla, who is getting nervous in this final stretch and wants to cash in. The PSOE is ready”, Swords assured today before an audience made up of mayors and regional and provincial socialist officials, as well as representatives of social agents and the university world. “The April fair in Seville will be saved, the one in Córdoba is celebrated calmly, and because of El Rocío, that’s where the elections will be. I hope I’m wrong because democratic normality is to finish the legislature”, he added.

In an event moderated by the chief editor of Diario CÓRDOBA, Raphael Aranda, the Swords conference has been introduced by the general secretary of the PSOE-A in Córdoba, Rafi Crespín, who has said of the general secretary that he is the right person to lead the “serious, solvent and fair” project that the PSOE proposes for Andalusia and for which the new leader of the Socialists has asked his colleagues to listen a lot, work hard and humanize politics, as well as put harmony and respect before tension.

Ready for the comeback

Faced with the polls that give a victory in Andalusia to the right-wing forces, the PSOE-A candidate has stated that his party is prepared for comebacks. “What is at stake is of such importance, deciding between a model of government of the PP with the extreme right for the first time in the government in Spain, it is so serious that a socialist has his guts removed to take to the streets and look for the last citizen who has recollection, even if he has been disappointed and disillusioned, of what a social democratic model means, in the face of the simple possibility that it would come to pass”, he said, convinced that the possibility of promotion of Vox to the Andalusian Government It will be the alibi that will turn these polls upside down, because “there are many people who have not yet made a decision.”

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The leader of the Andalusian Socialists has reflected on these and other issues in his conference entitled The Andalusia you want. The Andalusia we want (a nod to the motto with which this party will present itself in the next elections) and which has dealt with the keys to the model it defends against “tension and confrontation”. In his speech, the socialist candidate for the Junta de Andalucía has confessed that he aspires to regain the confidence of the autonomous community and to share and generate projects and alliances on a par with a land with 9 million inhabitants.

This is the second time that Juan Espadas has participated in The breakfasts of CÓRDOBA. The first time he did it in 2006 while he was still mayor of Seville and together with the then first mayors of Córdoba, Seville and Granada, who signed an alliance between the four cities in search of synergies.

mayors conference

The socialist candidate wants to maintain the closest and most accurate vision that municipal politics has given him if he governs in Andalusia and has defended work in a more coordinated manner between city councils and county councils and the regional administration itself. In fact, he wants Andalusia to have its own mayors conference with the president of the Board to coordinate these synergies from the local to the regional.

On the other hand, Espadas has defended today in Córdoba a political model in which confrontation is not a weapon of destruction and has pledged to do its bit to improve the political climate. “Either we look for opportunities together or we will not be that great community capable of competing”, has argued to ensure that the tension feeds extremism and skepticism towards the institutions.

In this sense, for the also general secretary of the PSOE-A, the example of this institutional collaboration or co-governance has been rehearsed “with quite good results and beyond battles” at the country level by the Government of Pedro Sánchez in its management of the crisis . Espadas has taken heart from the achievements made by Spain as a benchmark for example of vaccination and considers that this is the path to economic recovery and the management of European funds, that require the same management model and mutual loyalty.

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Also, for the socialist leader the key is that this model to get out of the crisis has been “radically different” from the one followed by the PP to overcome the one of 2008 and has asked the citizens to remove conclusions before going to vote and choose between neoliberal recipes and social democratic policies, which are committed to “the welfare state, public services and not leaving anyone by the wayside”. To the credit of the Government of the Nation, it has pointed out the commitment to the ERTE, thanks to which 47,200 Cordovans have kept their jobs, or the commitment to dependency policies, with an increase of 23% in its budget.

Juan Espadas has made reference to various current affairs in Córdoba, such as the strike initiated by the cleaners of the Reina Sofía hospital who are struggling to reach the minimum wage: “Is there anyone who could disagree with the cleaning staff at the Reina Sofía hospital?” he asked rhetorically. He has also referred to the claim of the South Campiña to have its own sanitary areaAy has called for dialogue on this issue.

He has also made reference to the demands of the president of the Diputación, Antonio Ruiz, on the La Colada reservoir the about the conversion of the N-432 into a dual carriageway, in an issue where he considers the PSOE has already said what he had to say. “It’s not just about counting cars today, but what needs to be done to get more cars through tomorrow.”

Lastly, he has promised that if he is president of the Junta de Andalucía he will demand the necessary investments to give the definitive impetus to logistics sector in Córdoba, since “opportunities pass us by in the axis of the N IV due to the inability and lack of zeal of the regional government, which does not seem to go with it.”

The star theme: health

On the other hand, the general secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, reproached the president of the Junta de Andalucía, the popular Juanma Moreno, on Monday for blaming the current “collapse” of Andalusian public health on the “inheritance received” from the socialists, after more than three years governing, when before health reached “excellence” and Moreno forgetting his own legacy of “cuts” in social policies when he was Secretary of State with Mariano Rajoy in Moncloa.

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Espadas has said that he is concerned about the “health collapse”, but “also the lack of reaction and capacity for dialogue and seeking solutions that the Government” of Moreno is demonstrating, being “worrying” that when the PSOE-A, “at a few months before regional elections, proposes a dialogue and a search for agreement to propose a shock plan with more economic resources and with urgent decisions that allow, above all, to give oxygen to health professionals, what we find is arrogance, contempt and that they turn their backs on us“. “It has not been recognized that firing 8,000 professionals has been a political error,” said Espadas, who believes that counselor Aguirre is wrong when he says that “two or three weeks” are missing to return to normality. “It is not true and he knows it because the system is very damaged”.

The Juan Espadas project It goes through recovering the self-esteem of the community as a requirement to get out of the crisis and by making self-criticisms: “We socialists know that there was still a long way to go”, he admitted. Among its measures is a clear commitment to the culture and heritage, the promotion of industrialization and the transformation of agricultural and livestock raw materials, commitment to improving infrastructure and relying on the peculiarities of each province. In Córdoba, for example, in the logistics sector, where he has defended that there be investments independent of those of the military base. Likewise, the candidate defends the development of projects in strategic sectors such as energy transformation, the digital transformation of the territory, sustainability and those that pursue the attachment of the population to the territory.

Finally, he has defended the need to invest in education and especially in Vocational training and in the agreement between the private and public sectors in a concrete way to see where there are no job seekers; in housing and health policies, a matter that will be shielded by law to guarantee that there will be resources to maintain the Andalusian Health System

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