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Juan Ignacio Márquez Named Favorite Son of Fregenal

Juan Ignacio Marquez. / TODAY

The unanimity of the plenary session of the City Council awarded the title to the HOY correspondent posthumously

On the afternoon of last Tuesday, at a plenary meeting of the City Council, Juan Ignacio Márquez Martínez was named Fregenal’s Favorite Son posthumously. The agreement comes from the hand of the two municipal groups, socialist and popular, who expressed during the plenary session the reasons that led to this appointment, in gratitude for all the work that Juan Ignacio dedicated in his life to the people of Frex.

The order of interventions was initiated by the mayor of Fregenal, Tina Rodríguez, who developed the multiple steps that have been taken for said appointment, after the initial proposal of the Socialist Group of the appointment as official chronicler posthumously. After reaching an agreement between the groups and the family, given a series of legal limitations for an appointment by this figure posthumously, the Consistory has decided to make use of its own regulations of honors and distinctions, to finally approve the appointment as Favorite Son posthumously.

The socialist spokeswoman, María José Serrano, joined the words of thanks extended by the first mayor to Juan Ignacio Márquez, for his long work at the head of various projects. Once the interventions were closed, the unanimous vote of the plenary resulted in the approval of the appointment, which broke out in a long standing applause from all the attending councilors and the public, which included friends and family of the honoree.

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Among the facets that Juan Ignacio Márquez developed, it is worth highlighting his work for 25 years in the presidency of the Coral Frexnense, developing up to three record recordings of the group and promoting trips throughout the national geography and abroad, highlighting Paris and Vienna, among others. Likewise, his hard work at the head of Televisión Fregenal, a medium that he founded in 1995 and that he directed for 24 years of his life, in the transition to the digital stage and in its integration with ZF Televisión.

Especially noteworthy was his contribution to this medium, for which he headed the Fregenal correspondent for more than 28 years, starting on September 1, 1990. He was also in charge of initiating the path of the HOY hyperlocal network, through HOY Fregenal, which he inaugurated in April 2010. In total, he signed more than 3,000 articles in the regional press, without missing his daily appointment with the information in HOY Fregenal during 3,226 days that he was its director, until the day of his death on the 26 February 2019.

The file initiated by the City Council for the appointment gives a good account of the many facets that Juan Ignacio Márquez developed during his life, culminating in this beautiful final reflection: «he wielded the pen basing his life on the Montanian maxim that shines in the motto of our city, “Et Litteris Armata”. Well, armed with the letters, he knew how to rise as the Paladin of the Frexnenses Letters and surpass all borders, to raise his word above the walls of our castle and the Sierra de San Cristóbal, overflowing the Guadiana, climbing to the highest of Calvitero and flooding the oceans to connect the emigrant with his Earth».

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