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Juan José Ruiz: “The University and Science must be a priority of the public powers”

The mayor with the rector of the UMH and all the people recognized with the Bimil medal.lenari

The mayor with the rector of the UMH and all the people recognized with the Bimil medal.lenari
Matías Segarra

The celebration today in the Great Theater of Elche of the Day of the constitution It has served to send a message of unity to the population at a time marked by the covid-19 pandemic, in which support for the most vulnerable is more necessary than ever, influenced by various sectors. The City Council has delivered the Bimil.lenari silver medals to various people linked to the city who have developed in the sports, social or cultural field. In addition, the rector of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, Juan José Ruiz, has received the highest award from the Ram d’Or.

In his speech the rector pointed out that “the uncertain horizon that we glimpse (due to the health crisis) offers us a vision of the future strongly linked to Science and Innovation for the welfare of society, and for that it is necessary to invest in the public sphere. “In this thread he has listed some of the firm bets that there must be.” Strengthening vital areas such as Health and as with Education, which is more important than ever for there to be a human focus , with high standards of the student body without forgetting ethics, empathy, collaboration, understanding, adaptability, will and effort as necessary ingredients for a return to more normal times, “he asserted.

On the other hand, on this December 6, the role of university institutions has stood out. “The public universities are small ecosystems of coexistence so that citizenship can develop intellectually, and we will not give up in the effort that nobody stays on the road, we will look for mechanisms of protection and integration”.

It has also reinforced the value of education as “the only effective and lasting way to curb inequality between men and women, overcome gender, generational or racial gaps, You have to consider what education will be like in the coming decades. ”

Finally, he thanked the recognition to his person and the institution he represents, building bridges between the University and the city. “At the UMH we are integrated into an exemplary city, which stands out for its values ​​and social and productive fabric.

The act has been started by the mayor, Carlos Gonzalez, which in his speech pointed out that the role of the Constitution is “extraordinarily important in these critical times, because it provides all the tools within the rule of law that public powers need to overcome the crisis.” Thus, it has influenced the fact that the situation generated by the pandemic “has only demonstrated how important certain precepts of the 1978 Constitution have been, which have made possible legislative and governmental actions to bet on public services and benefits that are resulting essential, to alleviate the consequences of the health emergency “, and has listed some resources such as ERTE, Minimum Vital Income or benefits for the self-employed.

Silver medals

The city has awarded the first silver medal to Raul Martinez, recognized Taekwondo athlete from Elche. He won the gold medal in the Mediterranean Games 2018 in the men’s weight category and qualified to represent Spain at the 2020 Summer Olympics. His father, José Manuel Martínez López, has collected the award because he competes in Sarajevo recently.

The second silver medal went to the Protection Unit for vulnerable groups of the Local Police of Elche. The recognized rhythmic gymnast María Díez Alberola has received the third medal of the Bimil-lenari. In their presentation they explained that their career began when a group of people with disabilities was created to integrate into sport. Her great passion led her to become the national champion of rhythmic gymnastics for people with disabilities. “I dedicate it to my friends and family who are always supporting me in everything I do. Every effort has its reward, everything in life has to be fought and you don’t have to stand idly by, what I have learned is that you have to fight for our dreams ”, he pointed out.

The musician Francisco Contreras, lofty as “Child of Elche“, has received the fourth silver medal although it was his brother who collected it because he is on tour. The freedom he has to combine proposals that starts from flamenco together with free improvisation, electro acoustics and contemporary music stands out in his career. as well as poetry, dance and theater. Although he has not been able to attend, he has left an emotional message: “I say feeling happy that any voice can be welcomed in someone’s lap, the hope that is if not art.”

Maria del Carmen Martinez Romero as director of Caritas Interparroquial Elche and a volunteer from other organizations has received the fifth silver medal for being on the side of the most vulnerable groups. “I try to dedicate my time to making a better world with service to the poor, it is my choice of life, alongside the poor and working for their promotion and rights. Volunteering can be lived in many ways, performing tasks, but my way of understanding volunteering is how we understand it, it is to welcome and accompany the most vulnerable people as a way to build a more just and equitable society “.

The last Bimil.lenari medal has been awarded to the palm tree family for being in the forefront of preservation of the Elche World Heritage Site. Antonio Garcia Magallón has collected the recognition on behalf of all those families who have given everything and who hope that the palm grove law it begins to be applied so that rights that have been in the shadows for years are recognized.

During the event, the string group Aram entertained the event and performed the Elche anthem.


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