Monday, September 27

Juan Pablo Meneses: why football has died and goals are no longer celebrated

  • Juan Pablo Meneses *
  • Special for BBC World


Image source, Getty Images

The pandemic and the last Copa América and Eurocopa have ended with the total disfigurement of classic football.

The crisis is coming to such a point that FIFA itself recently released a desperate and belated statement, announcing that it “has no intention of testing new changes” in the sport. A statement that many of us read as the final ground shovel about a game that for a long time is no longer the one we knew.

Since 2013, when I published the book “Boys soccer players”, I have been writing that soccer is on the way to extinction. But the mutation has accelerated sharply. What is played now and entertains in another way and adds followers and fans and millions of dollars is another sport: post-football.

As a way to make this new game visible, I already published a column during the 2015 Copa América.

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