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Juan Rivera bursts into tears and says that he will do what his sister Jenni wanted in life with her money

Juan Rivera bursts into tears and promises to enforce the will of his sister, Jenni Rivera.

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The battle and the bickering between the Rivera family itches and spreads. Well they say that money does not know friends, or family and this has been demonstrated with the problem that exists between Jenni Rivera’s family. The pressure that the brothers of the same carry on, especially Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera It has been so great that the latter burst into tears during a “Live” that he did where He stressed that he will enforce his sister’s will, but above all that he will do what she asked to be done with her money.

Juan Rivera has been doing several “Live” explaining where his fortune came from, what does it comprise, what does it have, etc. But that only sparked more comments, prompting him to say that he would do another broadcast counting how much he earns at his sister’s company, Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Just when he did this last “Live” to clarify these points, He could not contain his tears and began to cry in a very emotional way. He was really affected by the pressure and the accusations that he has received in recent days.

Juan Rivera spoke of the dilemma that was generated with Jenni Rivera’s doll because he believes that it is a way to connect her with the new generations, just like the book. He claimed, when crying allowed itHe is sure that today his sister would thank him for having kept his legacy alive and for watching over everything, even his children.

“I hope I get to heaven and that my sister tells me: -Brother, thank you- we have to clarify things so that the water is not so filthy and one is going to get scared, we all get sick … All those who comment is the money of Jenni… it belongs to her children, there is no fight there, there is no fight .. I will work alone, I will lift boats… I don’t want that… But my sister worked that money and she has to surrender when she said because that’s why she fought, when she wants, when she says. Not when the world says. She wrote letter by letter when she wanted that delivered. She said: -Rosie is going to take care and the second person is this… – She said that, no one else. What you say should be left to Chiquis … those who think … you did not fight for it, she fought, she earned it, not you. They shouldn’t say anything to the person Jenni left in charge, they don’t have that place, they haven’t earned it. Excuse me if it hurts … Not because you are fans of my nephews and love them, thank you, something like that is going to be done to my sister. She said when it was going to be done and she has to be respected because that’s why she worked and that’s why she died… ”, he said amid strong tears Juan, who even had to take breaks to continue with the “Live”.

Let us remember that all this comes from an audit requested by Jenni Rivera’s children, specifically Jhonny López, whom Doña Rosa, Jenni’s mother, pointed out as wasting and rebellious. Chiquis Rivera, as they have explained, could not do it because in life her mother took her out of the will supposedly because of the rumors of romance between Chiquis and Jenni’s partner at that time, Esteban Loaiza.

After the audit came to light, Rosie Rivera resigned from her sister’s company. She is the executor of Jenni Rivera’s estate And it was who the singer herself wanted to leave to handle everything that refers to money if something happened to her, as unfortunately happened. Since then, Rosie has taken care of that. Given the doubts of his nephews, he decided not to work Jenni’s company anymore and is already preparing thethe person Jenni wanted them to leave in her lifetime if Rosie decided not to continue at the helm and that person is Jacqie Rivera, the second daughter of the late singer.

Juan Rivera promises to continue doing “En Vivos” throughout the week to clarify even more doubts from the public and even a dilemma that he carries with his brother, Lupillo Rivera, for an alleged car.

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