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“Juancamaría”, “Vagalume”, “Aguieira”, “Cinco Islas”, “Maral” and “Cassandra”, leaders after the third stage




Perfect day in Sanxenxo for the third stage of the 7th Ría de Pontevedra Interclubes Regatta. The Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo was in charge of hosting the almost 50 participating teams for a great day of regattas, which ended with a general still very tight in practically all categories. Juancamaría 3, Vagalume, Aguieira I, Cinco Islas Albariño, Maral IV and Cassandra are the provisional leaders in their respective categories after the dispute of the third match.

Punctually, at 2:30 p.m. the Race Committee gave the start for classes 1 to 4 and, five minutes later, for Classics and A Dos. On this occasion the route was through the interior of the estuary and 14.84 miles for the longer boats, passing through Morrazán, Tambo and Pelados before heading back to Sanxenxo. Categories 2 to 5 – with a similar route but without doubling the Pelados mark – completed a total of 11.36 miles, while the Classics had 5.7 miles of travel.

The conditions, as pointed out by the parties, allowed the day to develop quickly with winds of up to 14 knots and a westerly component.

In Class 1, the dispute of the third stage has caused a new turn in the first places of the general with the Juancamaría 3 recovering the leadership. The Náutico de León boat, which this time had Javier de la Gándara at the helm, was third in this test behind José Codesido’s Meigas Fóra (RCN Portosín), which debuted today in Sanxenxo with second place, and del Corsario (CY Vilagarcía) by Javier Durán, who scored the victory of the day both in real time and corrected.

With these results, Javier Pérez’s Orión (MRCY Bayona) now moves to second place overall – today he added fourth place – and Corsario is third.

For its part, in Class 2 the victory of the day was scored this time by Joaquín Carneiro’s Mar de Frades Cruceros Pelegrín (RO Yachts Club), a result that keeps it in third place overall. Behind, second was the Squid 2 of Francisco Lusquiños (CN Portonovo), who also maintains the second place in the table, and third was the Argalleiro of Fernando Otero (RCM Aguete).

Luis Vidal’s Vagalume, meanwhile, punctured today with a sixth, but continues to command in the general classification with four points ahead of those of Lusquiños.

Meanwhile, in Class 3 Open there have also been changes in the general after today’s test, and that is that Aguieira I of Celestino Campelo (RCM Aguete) took the leadership of the Interclubes by scoring today’s victory. The Youkounkoun, for its part, now moves to second place in the overall with a second place scored this Saturday and Espita, by José L. Lastra (CN Beluso), rises to the third box with a fourth place and only one point ahead of José Luis Smith’s Limay, who signed a third in Sanxenxo.

In Class 4, the general classification continues to be very tight with the four leading boats separated by only three points. Iñaki Carbajo’s Cinco Islas Albariño (CN Beluso) is the new leader of the general ranking after today sealing a second place behind José Rey’s Chispa Nejra (CN Beluso), who took the victory of the day thus ascending to second position. The Orlando of Gerardo Sánchez (CN Boiro), meanwhile, drops two places today and is placed in the third drawer by scoring a fifth in this third appointment.

On the other hand, in Class Solitarios and A Dos, Maral IV by Roberto de la Puente (CN Portonovo) continues to command in the general classification after signing today a second behind Vento Sur by Antonio Fernández (Ro Yachts Club), which was the winner. of the day thus ascending to third position on the podium. Simón Bernárdez’s Samoa (RCM Aguete), meanwhile, maintains the second position with a third place in today’s test.

And in the Classics and Veterans Class, Ana Pazó’s Atxurri (CN Raxó) was the great winner of the day, placing second in a general classification that continues to be led by Javier Pazó’s Cassandra (CN Portonovo), who added a fourth today. The third box of the podium is now occupied, therefore, by the Peregrina – Cobre San Rafael by Carlos Núñez (CN Portonovo).

Good day also for the Mou de Ángel Mourelos (CN Meloso), who scored a second, and for the Hola de Antero J. Rodríguez (Ro Yachts Club), who was third.

The next test will be held on Saturday 27 at the Real Club de Mar de Aguete, although the participants will meet again this Wednesday, March 17, for an exclusive online chat given by North Sails.

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