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Judge in Maryland committed suicide this Friday just as he was going to be arrested for child sexual abuse

Police discovered that the defendant had swallowed some of the evidence to avoid arrest.

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A Maryland state judge ended his life this Friday morning when federals showed up at his home to arrest him for a alleged case of child sexual abuse.

Jonathan Newell, a Caroline County Circuit Judge, had been under investigation since July on allegations of having had a hidden camera in which he captured naked children in his bathroom.

Just this Friday, when FBI agents were preparing to capture him at the door of his house, he was found suffering an apparent gunshot wound “Self-inflicted”The Maryland Federal Prosecutor’s Office reported this Friday at 6:43 a.m.

“Maryland State Police Lead Investigation into Apparent Suicide”prosecutors said in a press release this Friday afternoon.

For her part, Kimberly Keith, a Newell neighbor, had posted photos from her Facebook account showing FBI agents installed outside the defendant’s home and demanded that he leave. He noted that he had heard the sounds of bullets and moments after an ambulance.

At the time he took his life, Newell was going to be taken into custody on federal charges of sexual exploitation of a child, prosecutors pointed out, adding that the judge had been on leave of office since a first raid on his home on July 24, reported Baltimore Sun.

According to a copy of the complaint, investigators had received a call reporting a minor who had found a video camera in the bathroom of Newell’s cabin on Fishing Creek, Maryland.

During the interview that the researchers conducted with two children, they revealed that they had “Last night” with Newell on June 22, the date they had discovered a hidden camera.

One of the children told investigators that after undressing in the bathroom, he had found a camera that was on in front of the shower inside a small black box on a shelf located in a corner of the bathroom, The Daily Beast reported.

According to the criminal complaint, the judge had shown a camera at the time he was investigated, but I didn’t have the SD card.

When in doubt, the researchers had taken Newell for a CT scan and found digital devices inside his body that revealed videos of minors showering and the accused could be seen in some images placing the camera in the bathroom.

According to the account of seven other minors who were interviewed, Newell had searched their bodies with the justification of “looking for ticks.”

Given all the evidence, and the tragic outcome for the life of the accused, the Maryland Judiciary had issued a statement in which they reported “the sudden death of Coraline County Circuit Court Judge Jonathan Newell. The judiciary has no further details and cannot provide further comment. “

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