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Judge stops deportation of father detained in New York jail but ICE refuses to release him

More than two weeks after the mexican immigrant Edward Alonso Castillo had to be transferred to a hospital from the Orange County Immigration Jail where he was awaiting deportation, after suffering severe chest pains, an Immigration judge granted him the right to have his asylum case reviewed out of ‘reasonable fear’ what at the moment slows down their removal process from the country.

But despite this judicial decision in his favor and his delicate state of health, activists and family members denounce that ‘La Migra’ is still refuses to release the immigrant.

Alonso, a Queens resident parent who suffered a stroke, wear a heart monitor, and have been experiencing severe headaches and other symptoms of ill health, he was detained by agents of the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) on January 28, eight days after President Joe Biden took office, despite failing to meet the new deportation priority criteria imposed by the newly inaugurated federal Administration.

But with the judge’s new decision, released on March 11, now Alonso will be able to continue fighting against his deportation process and prevent ICE remove you from the country while your asylum case is reviewed in court.

The organization ‘Make the Road New York’ (MRNY) assured last week that ICE denied the request to release AlonsoAnd that is a decision that activists say proves that the agency “refuses to comply with the Administration’s new guidelines and continues to endanger the lives of New Yorkers and other immigrants with serious health problems. As a result, Alonso remains in ICE custody at the Orange County Jail in Goshen, New York, separated from his family unnecessarily ”.

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The new migration policies referred to by MRNY were those issued in January by The Biden Administration on Immigrant Cases That Are Not a Priority for Deportation, by not posing a threat to national security, border security or public safety in general, by not having been convicted of a felony or gang-related crime.

Last month, On behalf of Alonso and his family, MRNY submitted a formal request asking ICE to release him immediately. due to their delicate health and the high risk of suffering serious complications from COVID-19 due to their underlying conditions, and requested that he suspend his deportation. In turn, the relatives are also fighting to get him out of the detention center and so far, nearly a thousand community members have signed an online petition supporting the demand of the relatives.

“Alonso must be released immediately. For the past month, our family has been concerned about his health. Alonso has spent more than a month in agonizing pain and away from his family, and he deserves to be home, where he belongs. I ask ICE to release him so that he can be with his children and receive the proper medical care he needs.”, Said Rocío Molina, the immigrant’s partner.

In danger of death

Since he was arrested, Alonso has spent four days hospitalized, and a recent medical review of his records concluded that he is at high risk for health complications, such as another stroke, blood clots, and even death. According to MRNY in a statement, a doctor concluded that he has not received the specialized care he needs in prison and that he must be released immediately to seek urgent medical attention.

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“We are happy that Alonso has won his reasonable fear review hearing, but we will not stop fighting until Alonso is home with his family where he can seek the medical treatment he desperately needs,” he said. Jackie Pearce, Raid Response Attorney at MRNY, adding that ICE’s decision “shows that even under a new Administration, that agency refuses to adhere to the guide issued by Washington DC and he continues to have an indifferent disregard for his health and the well-being of all detainees that he continues to hold in prisons across the country. “

Alonso is a longtime Queens resident and co-owner of a family business on Long Island. During the height of the pandemic, together with his partner and partner Rocío, they donated food from their business ‘Babylon Bagel’, to essential workers and hospitals in that suburb. They also handed out free food on the corners of Queens to many immigrants who, like them, did not qualify for federal aid.

Alonso has three children born in the United States and has been a father figure to Rocío’s US citizen children.

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