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Juli and Alfaro, against their past

Juli with the Alcoyano shirt

The eleventh provincial derby on Sunday (17.00, Alacantí TV) between Alcoyano and Hercules In this last stage in Second B of the Rico Pérez club, it is the reunion with his former teams of the forwards Juli and Jesús Alfaro, who face the clash in a very different situation: the Alcoy attacker hopes to make his debut this season after the injury he suffered in preseason and that prevented him from playing in the only game played by his team in the League, in Orihuela (0-0), while the Huelva winger trained at Sevilla needs to establish himself in the capital as a whole in a season with a lot of competition in attacking positions.

Veteran Julian Cerdá Vicente, 39, played for Hercules for two seasons between 2017 and 2019. He arrived from Córdoba as one of the great reinforcements of the team, but did not finish curdling, despite the fact that Rico Pérez always recognized his dedication, commitment and professionalism . In his first season in Alicante he played 29 games and scored three goals and in the second he played 37 with only one target. It was the traumatic course of the defeat in the final for promotion to Second, which also took its toll on him personally. At the end of the course, the then coach Lluís Planagumà He told him that he did not have him and was forced to negotiate the termination of his contract with Hercules when he still had one more year left. For the first time in his long career, the small forward from Alcoy did not fulfill a professional contract after having previously passed through Córdoba, Alavés, Alcorcón, Rayo Vallecano, Elche and Ejido Polideportivo in Segunda and Benidorm, Castellón and Alicante in Segunda B.

Juli with the Hercules shirt

Despite this disagreement at the end of his stage, Juli keeps good memories of his time at Rico Pérez, where he assures that he and his family were treated “very well”. “It is a place that I have a special affection for, although that sympathy I may have for them ends the moment the game begins. From there I want my team to win, which is Alcoyano, which is also the one in my city and where I have mine, ”he told Efe yesterday. Juli faces the derby as an option to rejoin the work dynamic and competition of the group that Vicente Parras trains, who resumed training last day 5 after a 10-day quarantine for the positive in coronavirus of midfielder Juanan Casanova. That break has been used by the forward to recover from the muscle injury he suffered in preseason. He is short on pace to the game, although Parras needs replacements up front due to the agreement between the two clubs that prevents him from playing Jona.

Jesus Alfaro.

For his part, the Herculaneum Jesús Alfaro, who played two seasons in Alcoyano in the bronze category between 2014 and 2016, when he was 23 and 24 years old and in which he scored a total of 15 goals, reaches the derby after having started in the three league games played by the Cubillo team. However, the youngest of the Alfaro is aware that he needs to vindicate himself in his third season at Rico Pérez, given the competition in the Alicante dressing room. The signing of Pedro Sánchez, who is currently injured, and the good time of Borja Martínez have raised the bar on the requirement for ownership at the ends. In his time as a Herculaneum, the former player for Murcia, Zaragoza and Barça B, among others, has provided speed and imbalance on the wings, but only one goal in his 40 games as a blue and white.


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