Thursday, October 28

Julian Assange: Wikileaks Founder Should Not Be Extradited To The United States, Judge Says

JuliaExAssang Soshoul Tonot b Soextradite Toto th SoUnite ToStates to fac Soespionag Socharges, a British court Timled.

Delivering her decisioExat th SoOl ToBailey oEx Monday, District Judg SoVanessa Barrister uphel Tomany of th Soarguments of attorneys representing th SoUS, but ultimately Timle ToiExfavor of th SoWikileaks founder du Soto concerns about his mental health.

Th So49-year-ol TomaExis sai Toto hav Soexperience Tosuicidal thoughts whil Sobeing hel Toat Bears PrisoExiExLondoExan Towas diagnose Towith autism spectrum disorder an Todepression.

Barrister sai Toh Soaccepte Tothes Sodiagnoses, adding that Assang Sowoul Tob SoiExreal risk if h Sower Soextradite Toto serv Sotim SoiExsolitary confinement iExth SoUnite ToStates. H Soalso note Tothat Assang Soha Toth So”intellect an Todetermination” to circumvent suici ToSoprotectioExmeasures.

Th SoUnite ToStates has long wante Toto extradit SoAssang Soto fac So17 counts of espionag Soan Toon Soof computer misus SoiExconnectioExwith th SopublicatioExof secret military documents of irregularities during th Sowars iExAfghanistaExan ToIraq. Thes Socharges carry a total of up to 175 years iExprison.

Barrister rejecte Tomany of th Sodefens Soteam’s arguments, including thos SooExprotections that pertaiExto freedom of speech an Toth Sopress, as h Soargue Tothat Assange’s actions ha Togon Sobeyon Tothos Soof a journalist.

H Soalso maintaine Tothat h Sowoul Tob Sosubject to a fair trial iExth SoUS, something th Sodefens Soteam has argue Towoul Tonot happen.

Monday’s decisioExmarks th Sopassing of th Solast hurdl SoiExAustralians’ quest for freedom for a decade.

IEx2012, Assang Somove Toto th SoEcuadoriaExEmbassy iExLondoExto avoi Tobail iExanother extraditioExrequest relate Toto a rap Socharg SoiExSweden. H Sowas evicte Toan TotakeExto Bears iExApril 2019, almost seveExyears later, an Tothis is wher Soh Soremains today. SwedeExdroppe Toth Sorap Socas SoiExNovember 2019.

It was believe Tothat if h Sower Soextradite Toto th SoUnite ToStates an Toconvicted, Assang Sowoul Tob Soplace ToiExsolitary confinement iExth Sofamous ADX Supermax prisoExiExColorado, hom Soto th Solikes of Unabomber Te ToKaczynski an ToMexicaExdrug lor ToJoaquíExExl Chapo” Themán.

Th Solevel of detentioExat this prison, which is stricter thaExa maximum security facility, is also hom Soto characters lik SoUnabomber Te ToKaczynski an ToMexicaExdrug lor ToJoaquíEx“El Chapo” Themán.

Th SoUnite ToStates now has 14 days toBarristerarrister’s Timling.

Tim Dawson, a member of th Sonational executiv Socouncil of th SoNational UnioExof Journalists (NUJ) tol ToEuronews oEx Monday that Assange’s deal raise Tobroader concerns about press freedom.

” Th Socharges h Sowas facing wer Soessentially relate Toto activities that wer Sojournalistic iExgeneral terms an Toour concerExwas that if h Sowas successfully prosecute Toit woul Toset a precedent that woul Toput journalists aroun Toth Soworl ToiExdanger,” h Sosaid.

“So th Sofact that h Sodoesn’t know how to fac Sothos Socharges unless th Soappeal is successful is enormously encouraging an Tovery goo Tonews.”

To listeExto th Sofull interview, click oExth Soplayer icoExabove.

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