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Julio Borges rectifies and proposes that Guaidó be a symbolic leader of the resistance

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The former foreign minister of the interim government of Venezuela, Julio Borges, he has tempered his criticism. In less than 24 hours changed his proposal from “the notion of the interim government of Juan Guaidó must disappear” to that of the opposition leader becoming a symbolic leader of the Venezuelan democratic resistance.

After his resignation announced last Sunday, the interim president and of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó he immediately replaced the former chancellor by the ambassadors Isadora Zubillaga, accredited in Brussels, and Antonio Ecarri in Madrid, who will report directly to you. In addition, the legitimate Parliament created a temporary foreign relations office and issued a statement of support to its president.

In a press conference called, Borges detailed his position for two and a half hours from his exile in Bogotá.

To a question from ABC, the former foreign minister lowered his tone, pointing out that Guaidó should not disappear but rather become a symbol of democratic resistance to the dictatorship to continue defending Venezuela in international trials. However, in a catastrophic tone he warned that the interim opposition government has a period of 20 and 25 days not to die If before January 4 it does not reform the transition status that constituted it in 2019.

“Nobody is going to save us if we don’t do the task of updating the status. You have to take into account my alarm so as not to disappear. The international community asks me when are we going to change the status. If we don’t, we will lose their support, “he said.

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Opposition leaders do not speak to each other

Julio Borges acknowledged that it was tough on Sunday, but today he is much more moderate. He stressed that his departure from the government in charge of Juan Guaidó has the objective of shake the opposition out of the stalemate it is in. He pointed out that the shock he gave also seeks that “the opposition leaders who do not speak to each other, referred to the case of Henrique Capriles with María Corina Machado, of Capriles with Leopoldo López and with Guaidó, to unify efforts again.”

He said that the political parties should leave the administrative management of Venezuela’s assets abroad such as the Monómeros company in Colombia and Citgo in the United States because they promote “corruption” and should be left in a trust.

Borges said that the opposition has to prepare for the 2024 presidential elections to remove Maduro but does not rule out that the process begins earlier next year with the recall referendum, whose success will depend on the negotiation agreed by the parties in the Mexican dialogue.

Borges’s fate is cast and is irreversible after his resignation from the Chancellery. From now on, the national coordinator of Primero Justicia will take care of being the “shipowner”, the bridge that will link the political organizations to achieve the longed-for unity of the opposition.

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