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Julio Mayora won the first Venezuelan medal in Tokyo 2020 and celebrated it with a mortal [Video]

Julio Mayora won the first Venezuelan medal in Tokyo 2020 and celebrated it with a mortal [Video]

Mayora hung up the silver medal.

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

July Mayora made history for Venezuela: the weightlifter gave the tricolor country the first medal in Tokyo 2020. The medal table premiered with a silver medal in weightlifting (73kg). Mayora “broke” the zero of Venezuela with a historical feat that she celebrated as such: with a mortal with gymnasts dyes.

The 24-year-old Venezuelan added 156kg in the snatch and 190kg in the clean and jerk to total 346kg, beating Briken Calja (341kg) by five kilos, the Albanian who won the bronze medal.

July Mayora he was successful in five of his six lifts. He was only surpassed by Shi Zhiyong, who broke world and Olympic records, added 364kg and repeated the gold he achieved in Rio 2016.

His sixth lift was unsuccessful, but at that moment he already had the silver medal secured, so he celebrated it as if he had achieved it.

Mayora applauded several times and later did a more than successful back somersault. In fact, it was very colorful, giving us the image of the Olympic Games.

Let’s see the sequence in photos:

“First of all: thank God and the people of Venezuela for all the support and energy they gave me. Here we are, giving joy“, Said the now historic Mayora after winning the silver medal.

And certainly all Venezuela was aware of the performance of Mayora, whose performance began around the 6:50 a. m. The country woke up seeing him, especially his neighborhood.

In Santa Eduviges de Catia La Mar they placed a giant screen so that all the neighbors could come to see the athlete from the area.

The neighborhood exploded after the last successful lifting of Julio Mayora: the 190 kg that he carried in the clean and jerk and that placed him in a second place destined to be his.

Congratulations, Major. Congratulations, Venezuela. You are already in the Tokyo 2020 medal table!

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