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June 24 holiday | The day of San Juan will be recoverable: the hours will have to be returned

June 24 will be a paid and recoverable holiday

June 24 will be a paid and recoverable holiday

The Labor Calendar published and approved by the plenary session of the Consell for 2021 offers 14 holidays, non-working, paid and non-recoverable days, unlike the June 24, a remarkable date both for its festive and regional significance and for the labor novelty that it brings with it.

The saint john’s day It had been a regional holiday since 2019 in the Valencian Community, one of the three dates that the autonomous communities can add as their own, but this year a particularity arises with this day. June 24 will be with “remunerated and recoverable character”.

What does “paid and recoverable” mean?

The regional and local modification of the festivities has placed June 24 in a “delicate” position, since not included in the 14 days assigned in Alicante and the Community as a holiday.

A recoverable holiday supposes the existence of a day nonworking, but where each company claims and negotiates with its employees how to recover those hours of work. That is, on recoverable holidays, workers have no obligation to provide services, but they will have to make up those hours throughout the year if they decide to enjoy that holiday.

What you should know if you work or not on Saint John’s Day

If the worker chooses to attend his job on June 24, nothing will have to be recovered, since there is no compensation for overtime nor does the collective agreement reflect it. It also depends in other cases on the agreements or conventions with the company and the worker, because if there is an agreement between them, there may be offsets for the mere fact of working on “holiday”.

If the worker does not provide the effective services on a recoverable holiday, he will have the obligation, except for agreements or agreements, to make up for missed hours if required by the company.

Neither the labor regulations nor the worker’s collective agreements establish no mode of action concluded how to get back that day. However, different work situations have to be taken into account, such as companies with Work shifts. In which, if the calendar marks June 24 as a business day, this must be attended, except internal specification or agreement. It would not be considered as work on a holiday, but as an ordinary day, in the absence of extra bonuses.

Another case that can happen frequently the week of San Juan, is that the worker is holidays. In this situation, the day will count as one more for the purposes of the global hours stipulated by the collective agreement, but except for an internal agreement, June 24 must be established within the days enjoyed as summer period, except later recovery.

So it is essential communication between the two parties, since the Collective Labor Agreement does not reflect it, both for the organization of the internal labor calendar and for the compensations that may come into play or the way make up the hours of this peculiar date, if one did not go to the job.

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