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Junqueras encourages Junts to join in the dialogue table because it is the “best way to confront”

Oriol Junqueras.

The president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has assured that the “best” way to “confront” the government is to participate in the dialogue table and he has asked the Junts to designate their representatives among their members of the Government, since it is a “paradox” that this formation does not participate in the meetings.

This is what Junqueras maintains in an interview in the newspaper Ara, in which he is “convinced” that there are members of the Government representing Junts that if they were proposed to go to the dialogue table “They would be happy to help make Catalonia advance”.

“It is a paradox that we have forced those who did not want to sit down (the Government) to sit down and those who wanted to sit down did not. Many times the most useful confrontation is the one that puts the interlocutor in a greater commitment and the best way to confront the government now is precisely the dialogue table, because it is the place where it is observed by the international community, “says the Republican leader.

JxCat did not participate in the meeting of the dialogue table on September 15 in Barcelona, ​​since its proposal of names – in which there was only one member of the Government, Jordi Puigneró – was rejected by the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès (ERC), which demanded that they exclusively participate in the negotiation members of the Catalan executive.

Members of Junts

For this reason, Junqueras asks in the interview that Junts designate their representatives for the dialogue table among its members in the Government, since it is negotiated to resolve “the biggest issue: the political conflict between Catalonia and the State.”

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In fact, when asked about why ERC and Junts do not negotiate the general state budgets together, Junqueras assures that “it would make very little sense for someone to start negotiating a budget item, which is obviously a minor issue, when they do not sit down at the same time. negotiating table to resolve the bigger issue. ”

Asked about the statements of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, who assured that He did not want a solution to his situation to be negotiated for him at the table, Junqueras emphasizes that it was not foreseen to negotiate the “individual question of nobody”. “We have always insisted that what lies ahead is the resolution of the general political conflict,” he points out.

Junqueras sees “very difficult” an agreement with the Government in two years on self-determination and amnesty, although he emphasizes that the negotiating tables “are held between those who defend things that are diametrically opposed.” “The Spanish state must have the record of countries that have become independent from it, despite the fact that it had said it was impossible,” emphasizes.

On the general budgets, Junqueras recalls that in 2020 ERC He approved them and in 2019 he knocked them down: “In two years we have done two different things depending on the quality of the budgets. It is the Government that has to decide if it wants to do things well or badly and, based on this, we will just decide our vote.”

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