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Jürgen Klopp refuses to lead the German team: Who are the other candidates?

Jürgen Klopp refuses to lead the German team: Who are the other candidates?

Few coaches can have the privilege of managing the German team.


Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, rejected that he could become the German coach succeeding Joachin Löw, who will leave the German team after the Eurocup of this summer that will be celebrated in different venues throughout the continent.

Rumors of the possible departure of the German coach increased as Liverpool, the current monarch of England, lost six games in a row at Anfield and they are seven points behind the Champions League positions.

For the above, the Stuttgart native, rose as heir to the command of the second most winning team in the world, but his response to the question at a press conference this Tuesday was overwhelming.

“No, I will not be available to be coach of Germany in the summer or after the summer. I have three years left on my contract at Liverpool. It is simple. You sign a contract and you fulfill it“, Klopp asserted before taking on RB Leipzig in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

Löw became Germany coach in 2006, after the World Cup, and during his time in office he has won the 2014 World Cup, in addition to reaching the final of the Euro 2008, and the semi-finals in 2012 and 2016. He also won the Confederations Cup in 2017, but Who could fill the huge gap left by someone who led Die mannshaft for 15 years?

The deck of candidates to lead the German team

After Klopp’s refusal, the names that are most shuffled are those of Lothar Matthäus, Hansi Flick. Curiously the name of Matthäus may be the one that most closely approximates the classic profile the German coach, if you do a review of Löw’s predecessors.

Matthäus has been a coach, although not at a very high level, and has long been dedicated to his activity as a commentator and away from the benches. His relationship with most internationals seems to be good, is up to date on what is happening in German football and, as was the case with Beckenbauer, world champion in 1990, has the authority that a myth can have.

In favor of Flick his sextet with Bayern, which he achieved without much previous experience as head coach, and, in addition, their passage through the selection as second of Löw that makes them in fact the ideal candidate.

Flick, like Klopp, has a current contract. He has admitted that at some point taking over the national team could be interesting for him, but the question is whether he would be interested in doing so after this season.

There are also other candidates, such as Ralph Ragnick, whose main advantage is to be available and which has been proposed by Matthäus who, in turn, has been proposed by Mehmet Scholl.

Rangick won a German Cup with Schalke, in 2013, and later has been the architect of the projects of Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig in the process of the two teams to move up from the lower ranks to the Bundesliga.

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