Saturday, January 22

Justice agrees with the Junta de Castilla y León and Navacerrada may open tomorrow




The pulse between the Government and the Junta de Castilla y León on the Navacerrada ski resort is inclined, for the moment, in favor of the regional Executive. The Superior Court of Justice of the Community (TSJCyL) has rejected this Thursday the very precautionary measures srequested by the Ministry of Ecological Transition to prevent the tracks on the Segovian slope from continuing to operate and open this next friday.

The judges they do not perceive the “urgency” to adopt that measure, according to the judicial ruling, and the contentious-administrative appeal presented against the Junta de Castilla y León, which, through the mouth of its president, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, gave the green light to maintain activity at the station last Tuesday, You must follow the ordinary procedure.

It was precisely those statements by Mañueco that made the Government react, which just hours later decided to file the appeal requesting the most precautionary measures.

The The intention of the station’s concessionaire was to open tomorrow if weather conditions allowed. and, after hearing the ruling of the Supreme Court, it may do so while waiting for the front between the Ministry and the Board to be definitively resolved.

Once the decision of the TSJ is known, the vice president, spokesperson and counselor for Transparency, Spatial Planning and Foreign Action, Francisco Igea, has assured that it is “good news for the Community.” “It is not a definitive statement but it allows the company to reopen its activity,” he stressed in statements collected by Ical.

After the meeting of the Governing Council, the spokesman insisted on the idea transferred the day before by President Mañueco, noting that “it is curious how easily the Government goes to court against Castilla y León and with what difficulty it goes against others, to which does not even force the execution of sentences. This is what he has pointed out before accusing the central executive that “it easily gives in to the blackmail of its partners and tries to impose itself on a community that limits itself to being loyal and ensuring that it gets ahead.”

For its part, the State Bar considers a “merely procedural issue” the denial by the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León of its request. In this sense, they indicated to the Ical Agency that the Court has decided to process the request for this precautionary measure in an ordinary way and not as an emergency, but they emphasize that it has given a “very short” period of two days to the Board to make allegations. Therefore, they consider that it is foreseeable that until after the Constitution Bridge and the Immaculate Conception there is no answer on the adoption of precautionary measures.

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