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Justice officials demonstrate in Madrid against the “blockade” of the salary increase

A moment of the demonstration of Justice officials in Madrid.

A moment of the demonstration of Justice officials in Madrid.

Justice officials of all Spain, -hundreds, according to CSIF– they have demonstrated this Saturday, November 20 in Madrid against the “blockade of the Treasury to the salary increase” of the personnel dependent on the Ministry and They have asked the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, that “show up”.

The agreement, which affects 15,000 people, contemplated an increase of between 80 and 195 euros of the specific complement of the dependent personnel of this department, to equalize salaries with the autonomous communities.

From the union, they criticize that the Ministry of Finance knew of the existence of the negotiation with Justice, since it has been developed under the General State Budget Law for 2021.

Although, they point out that, “with this breach, the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, and the Government of Spain they break the principle of good faith in the negotiation established in the law and endanger the success of the pending reforms in the Administration of Justice. ”

CSIF and other unions with representation at the negotiating table, denounce “the irresponsibility of Pilar Llop, who is missing from the affairs of this Department and the problems of Justice, and occupied with her image of ‘stellar tour’ in Spain, oblivious to this conflict for which she is the main responsible “.

“Every day that passes without her showing her face, the discredit of Minister Llop increases and her credibility as a political leader decreases exponentially”, they underline in a statement collected by Europa Press.

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Likewise, CSIF and the rest of the unions They call “regrettable” the behavior of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function “which intends to rewrite the agreement, to impose it with an unacceptable blackmail and trying to drain the bundle with excuses of bad payer to try to justify the unjustifiable: that they are incapable of assuming their commitments “.

For all these reasons, CSIF and the rest of the unions of the Administration of Justice have declared a “collective conflict” in the sector after verifying what, in their opinion, is a “flagrant violation of fundamental rights: freedom of association and collective bargaining”; the “grave breach of the provisions of the provisions of the budget law” and a “contempt for public employees of the Justice and the attack on their professional dignity.”

As they underline, the Government “violates” the Law of General State Budgets for 2021 that “forces to negotiate an agreement on salary adjustment and approximation of the specific supplement in these judicial bodies and autonomous communities.” “There are no excuses, the law requires you to put the money to make possible what is agreed at the negotiating table,” they emphasize.

In addition, they accuse the Government “that so much presumes to be the workers’ government, the social government that defends collective bargaining” of “make fun of your employees and public employees skipping the bullfighter their fundamental rights “.

“Collective bargaining is suspended”

In this context, the four trade union organizations demand that the Government comply with the commitments acquired at the negotiating table and ensure that, as long as it does not do so, the collective dispute will continue and the actions to demand compliance with the agreement and “collective bargaining is suspended for a very serious lack of trust. ”

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A government that lies cannot be recognized as an interlocutor“They add, while recalling that the rest of the Justice unions no longer attended the call that was sent to them for November 16

They also threaten “intensify pressure measurements concentrations of workers, strikes, etc., including the strike to paralyze the entire Administration of Justice “, and they say that they will go to the Courts of Justice and to European authorities with the aim of restoring the content of the agreement closed at the negotiating table on last September 14.

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