Wednesday, February 21

Justice outrages Sandro Rosell by asking for a maximum compensation of 27 euros for each day in jail

The Ministry of Justice has requested from the National audience that the ex-president of Barça is not recognized Sandro Rossell compensation in compensation for damages beyond the 27 euros set for each day he was in preventive detention.

Rosell’s lawyers have criticized the Justice’s decision, which they have described as “controversial writing devoid of any legal logic.” The former president of Barça was deprived of liberty 645 days (about 22 months), so that the maximum compensation requested by the ministry headed by Pilar Llop is 17.415 euros.

Rosell was released after a trial at the National High Court in which He was declared innocent of all the charges against him (crimes of criminal organization and money laundering) and claimed compensation of 29.7 million euros.

Justice rejects, in this sense, that he deserves compensation for the economic losses, the financial expenses, those of his defense or those of the relatives who traveled to visit him and reduces to less than 18,000 euros the money that, in his opinion, could be give, which are for moral damages and calculated in “global perspective”.

Criticism of Justice’s reasoning

Rosell’s lawyers criticize that this is the first pronouncement of the Ministry of Justice after more than 18 months and criticize your text. “Surprisingly, given the resolutions of current contracts that occurred with a specific cause in the imprisonment of Sandro Rosell that lasted for two years and the considerable economic damages that these resolutions entailed, the Ministry of Justice considers that such damages would not have occurred if Sandro Rosell would have claimed compliance with the contracts that bound him through the courts, as if the deprivation of liberty of one of the contracting parties did not constitute just cause for contractual termination.

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“The legal team of Sandro Rosell -continues the note- maintains its confidence that the National High Court, far from reasoning without any legal basis, will repair the enormous damage inflicted by the investigating magistrate Carmen Lamela in criminal proceedings. On the other hand, sources close to Mr. Rosell reiterate his firm will to prevent by all legal means at his disposal that taxpayers end up paying for the mess that was committed given that, in their opinion, this is only attributable to the magistrate and /or to the environment in which it was kept”.

To the European Court of Human Rights

And the statement concludes: “In this sense, Sandro Rosell, who has recently seen his amparo appeal before the Constitutional Court inadmissible for processing in relation to the complaint he filed against the aforementioned magistrate, has not been slow to raise the issue to the European Court of Human Rights“.

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