Friday, September 24

Justice resolves that the recognized children are the only heirs of Maradona

The commercial judge of the city of La Plata, Luciana Tedesco del Rivero, ruled this Thursday that for now only the five recognized children for Diego Maradona they are the only heirs in the succession of their assets. Dalma and Gianinna have been the fruit of the most stable relationship of the extinct world star with Claudia Villafañe. Diego Jr He was born in Naples and his mother is Cristina Sinagra. Jana was recognized years ago by the former captain of the Argentine national team while the mother of Dieguito fernando is Veronica Ojeda, his second to last partner.

According to the press in the city of Buenos Aires, the court in charge of the case announced that the list of heirs can be extended if it is proven that Maradona had another son or daughter. A young woman has claimed that right but at the moment the link has not been verified.

Open causes

But the Maradona case is still far from history, among other reasons because the daughters are carrying out a complaint against Matías Morla, the controversial lawyer who served during the last years as administrator and attorney of the Diez. Diego’s first two daughters demanded that Morla make public the contract that linked him with Maradona, as well as how much money he received for the tasks that, in addition, he must explain in detail. In turn, Morla must present the invoices for professional services made to Maradona from 2014 until his death, on November 25.

Morla has donated properties of the great sports myth as well as cash to Olive dew, Maradona’s last girlfriend.

As if that were not enough, justice must determine whether the professionals who took care of Maradona in a Buenos Aires urbanization can be held criminally responsible for “culpable homicide” of Diego. It’s about the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, whose derogatory whatsapps towards the deceased star have caused stupor, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Daniel ‘Charly’ Díaz, the nurses Dahiana Gisela Madrid and Ricardo Omar Almirón, the coordinating doctor Nancy Forlini and, finally, the coordinator of the nurses, Mariano Perroni.

On March 10, a demonstration will be held to demand “Trial and punishment for the guilty“of the death of Maradona who, according to the autopsy, lost his life as a result of” acute lung edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure “and” dilated cardiomyopathy. “

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