Thursday, March 30

Kafka and Kant: How Germany’s Intellectual Frontiers Overcome Territorial Borders

  • Neil MacGregor
  • BBC Radio 4, Serie “Germany, memories of a nation”

Charles Bridge, Prague

Image source, Getty Images


The Charles Bridge is the oldest in Prague.

The Charles Bridge, with its baroque statues, is the oldest in Prague and the emperor who built it in 1357, Charles I of Bohemia and IV of Germany (1316-1378), also founded the first German-speaking university in that city. .

For centuries, Prague was at the heart of German cultural and intellectual life.

Carolina University continues to be one of the most prestigious, but German is no longer one of the dominant languages.

About 1,600 kilometers to the north is another large university town, Königsberg – now Kaliningrad – equally central to German intellectual history, but in which German is not spoken either.

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