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Kamala Harris accepted that she cannot travel to Central America soon

Vice President Kamala Harris prepares her action plan for Central America.

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The vice president Kamala Harris defended in an interview broadcast this Sunday his work to contain irregular immigration from Central America, by ensuring that he focuses on giving the inhabitants of those countries the “esperanza” of a better future if they stay.

Harris, who in March took on the task of coordinating with the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America to contain migration to the United States, explained the keys to his delicate mission, which has drawn him some criticism from the Republican opposition in the last month.

“I approach this issue from the perspective that most people do not want to leave their home,” said Harris during an interview with the network. CNN television.

The vice president accepted that she cannot travel “personally” early, according to the situation.

When the citizens of Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala set out on the road to the United States, he added, it is “Usually for one of two reasons: they are fleeing some danger or they cannot stay and meet the basic necessities of life.”

“We have to understand that. We have to give people some kind of hope that if they stay, help is on the way ”, Harris continued.

He assured that the White House not only has to “help the economic development” of those countries, but also face the “Extreme hunger and food insecurity”, because “if they cannot even eat or have basic and essential things to live, of course they will flee”.

The vice president stressed that meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes Eta and Iota have “had an enormous impact on one of the main sectors” of the region, agriculture, and that is why the federal Department of Agriculture is going to “increase its resources” to the farmers in the area.

In addition, the Department of Commerce is preparing a “virtual trade mission” to the countries of the Northern Triangle, he said.

Harris herself will meet this Monday remotely with the president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, and on Tuesday she will participate in a virtual round table with representatives of Guatemalan community organizations.

On May 7, he will hold a virtual meeting with the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; and in June he will travel in person to Mexico and Guatemala, according to the White House.

For now, no contact has been made public between Harris and the presidents of Honduras and El Salvador, in a sample of the complexity of working with leaders that many in Washington have singled out for corruption.

Harris recalled that the mission that she has assumed is the same one that the now president led Joe Biden when he was vice president between 2009 and 2017; and that the White House is focused on “rebuilding” many of the diplomatic and asylum structures dismantled during the mandate of Donald Trump (2017-2021).

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