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Kany García returns to the stage, but first sends a message to those who do not want to be vaccinated

After two years without savoring the applause, hearing his audience sing, or seeing their faces full of expressions, Kany García, returns to the stage with a tour of the United States that begins this next September 8 in Atlanta.

Days before this great comeback, which is almost historical, or at least unprecedented, we spoke with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter via zoom, one of the practices that she discovered in her quarantine, and that she confesses that she loves, not only for saving time. , but because he considers it a more intimate talk.

“It was crazy, and at last we see the light, I am super excited, anxious and nervous at the same time, because we have to dust a lot of things, ”he tells us.

Kany García
Kany Garcia. Photo: Artist Solutions

-How do you feel when you hear “you are coming back to the concerts”?
Kany García: Imagine an immense joy, unlike any other moment when they said: “Well, we started a tour” … This represents another amount of things, new challenges and illusions, I say on steroids.

-In the last interview, a year ago, this possibility of returning to a concert was totally uncertain, and it ended up being perhaps even faster.
Kany García: For me it has been eternal… It has been followed in many other professions, even when you worked remotely, from home … In the case of one as an artist, to stop seeing your work team, whom you saw more sometimes than your family … Every day became hard, also what it represents for them, who are people who charge per show. It has been crazy, and that we finally see the light, I am super excited, anxious and nervous at the same time, because we have to dust off many things … We have been disconnected for a year and a half.

-How was that reunion with your team?
Kany García: It was wonderful, we have been doing some streaming and things and we have been able to see each other, but seeing us with masks, with nurses and nurses who have been doing tests to be calm, without an audience is not the same. The first time was in June, which was my first rehearsal for what this tour is in September … We all have an illusion, like when a child is going to be taken to DisneyLet’s finally see seats with people! we are finally going to be able to sing a song, have them play some songs and see an interaction, to return to the applause … The taste of the applause, the taste of the screams, the taste of the people singing.

-How do you imagine that moment when you get on stage, listen to the music, the lights and all that public that, like you, they also waited for you?
Kany García: It will be a moment, I think, very difficult to describe, from now on, because I think there are things that one imagines but it is not until one goes on stage that one does not know … Now my big concern is that everything goes well. I feel that at the same time they are giving me other things that did not exist before, they are giving me a vote of confidence because they are risking, they are going although they are vaccinated, because vaccinated in most cities is the requirement, well as they want They are deciding that their first show, after a year and a half, is mine, that the first time they go out as a couple or with friends or even alone… Yesterday a girl wrote to me who told me: “I really want to go to a concert and that the first one is yours that I am going to drive 5 and a half hours and she tells me and I’m single, I’m going alone, I want to do this alone ”… Also people who feel that they are living, to a great extent, a hurricane of emotions when it comes to going to a concertHow nice that both parties are meeting and telling each other things from the inside.

-What are people going to find in this show, which is also a historical return?
Kany García: It is a historical return and the reality is that for me it has been so nice to enjoy myself, to put myself in the chair, in the audience chair and say: “If I love an artist, and I haven’t had the chance in almost 2 years to go see him, what would I like?”… This is how he created the repertoire, from the fan seat… You can not miss what are the successes that made me buy my ticketAnd that’s when I started to write what the greatest hits have been, and then the new songs. Then there are songs that never sounded on the radio, but that I love about that artist because I and that song fascinated me… I’m adding a bit like that.

-The songs are a message and a concert too. What is the message that you want to give with this concert?
Kany García: That the parentheses are worth it, and I say this because sometimes it happens to me a lot that I am overwhelmed with everything that is happening in the world, from if I start reading the Delta variant, of people who do not want to be vaccinated, what is happening in Afghanistan , what is happening in each of the governments, if it is the United States, all this change that has occurred in the presidency, everything that has also brought, what one agrees, what one disagrees … And for now to achieve a parenthesis, a hiatus of an hour and a half to two hours, from thinking about me, from thinking about my life, from stopping the newspapers and to say: “I just want to connect with these songs, I want to distract my mind, I deserve it, I deserve space for myself, I need to change my mood, and go out that night” … I think with a different air.

-What, if anything, are you going to miss about the quarantine?
Kany García: To my dogTo be able to always be there for him and watch him grow up and all these things, just like what happens to people with their children. To be able to be at home and enjoy my home. I moved house two days before the lockdown, then I discovered my house throughout the pandemic and I was able to enjoy it, I had to order all the decoration online and it was crazy. Being able to enjoy the tranquility, the pause, There is a very nice thing that I enjoy about this, these conversations, I think I have never been able to enjoy the interviews so much, even if it seems crazy for a screen, but there is a greater level of intimacy that did not exist … go to the kitchen and sit with my partner and eat itI’m going to miss that a lot, because the truth is that there are many human and habitual things about the details, the details of life that I will need and that I hope that, as far as possible, many things will remain.

Kany García
Kany Garcia. Photos: Artist Solutions

-You speak of the cities that require vaccination to go to a concert and of those that do not, and possibly among the public there are people who are not vaccinated, what is your message for that public?
Kany García: The most sensible thing is that they go to mass events at least they are responsible, get tested for Covid before events, at least 48 hours before, and put on either an N95 mask or else a double mask. It is a responsible way, even if you totally disagree with the people who do not want to be vaccinated but respecting the decision… Many say that it is an individual decision, but at the same time it is not because it is a collective decision because the decision is mine but it affects the collective, then.

What you decide I respect but when what I decide affects others, I have to think againIt is worth thinking about it again, it is worth looking at the data that is there, that is present, it is worth educating yourself a little, I believe that education is so necessary … Those who do not want to be vaccinated, still for the cities to which that is not required, the best plan is that. For example, still vaccinated, we and our team are going to be testing frequently. I’m not going to sing with the masks, neither are my musicians, and we want the people sitting to feel totally confident that we are being fully responsible.

– What do you say to that public that already has their ticket or that they are about to buy their ticket and that they are counting the days and marking on the calendar to see you?
Kany García: I tell them that I am the same, counting the days, counting the days like never in my life, that they will enjoy and I have no doubt, we’ve been preparing for this for a long, long timeI have been taking care of each of the details for a long time to make it a totally unforgettable night in each of the cities, each one will have special things in terms of perhaps the repertoire … I am there to please you as much as I can, and I have no doubt that we are going to enjoy it very much..



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