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Karina, the young woman who committed suicide after reporting having been raped by a friend



“Justice for Karina” is the slogan heard in the streets of Santa Juana, in the Bío Bío region, Chile, after a 25-year-old girl committed suicide after an alleged rape.

Karina Cuevas attended a party at the Nahuelbuta campsite on January 2, 2021, in celebration of the New Year. This was not an unfamiliar environment, the child educator was with friends, and it would have been one of them who abused her.

According to the young woman’s sister, María Cristina Cuevas, the woman said goodbye to her by means of a paper that she found in her meditation, in which she said: “Nanita forgive me”, along with instructions that asked her to withdraw the money from her bank account and where he also indicated the pin of his mobile.

In this device would be found the evidence that the family presented to the Prosecutor’s Office, along with a complaint in the case of Karina, who had plans to continue specializing in her career and continue traveling. According to his relative tells BioBioChile, “he loved his profession, working with children.”

The alleged rape occurred at the New Year’s Eve party. “My sister had gone to bed not in good condition, but neither drunk or unconscious so as not to know what had happened,” said the sister of the deceased. For his part, the young man would not have drunk so much, since he arrived later to the event.

“On the morning of the next day, Sunday, Karina leaves her store desperate, crying attacked, she wanted to leave that she could no longer take in that place and that she had been abused by her friend,” explained her sister.

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The woman called another friend to come find her and take her back home. On this, he pointed out to Mega Noticias that he had never seen his friend this nervous and added that “it never occurred to us at any time that something like this could happen.”

Karina was hospitalized on Tuesday, January 5, after consuming an undetermined amount of medication, which caused liver damage. He finally passed away on the 20th of the same month.

It was the sister who made the complaint after reading a conversation that Karina had with the person involved the day after the party.

“She complained to him that why had he done that to her, if she considered him her friend, that she never thought he could hurt her, and that now she felt bad, her whole body hurt,” explained the relative. He says as if apologizing, ‘i thought you wanted‘”Cuevas said.

In Chile, This case recalls that of Antonia Barra, who also committed suicide in October 2019 after being sexually assaulted. A 21-year-old girl who committed suicide after accusing Martín Pradenas of raping her, and who is currently in custody.

The Antonia law seeks to classify the incitement of suicide as a consequence of sexual crimes, and last week it was approved unanimously in the Chamber of Deputies. The deputy and president of the Commission for Women and Gender Equality, Maite Orsini, commented that currently “women have no incentive to report sexual crimes, due to the stigma that society imposes on victims.”

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