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Kast anticipates that if the results are too narrow, he will wait for the Electoral Tribunal’s resolution

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Before beginning the counting of the second round of the presidential elections in Chile, the right-wing candidate José Antonio Kast He advanced this Sunday that if the results were very narrow, he would wait for the resolution of the electoral court.

“This could be defined in court,” he said after voting and clarifying that, if the difference is less than 50,000, he could resort to Tricel. “One vote per table could define what the presidential election is,” he declared.

On the opposite side, the front-line deputy Gabriel Boric He stated that «we are going to respect the result whatever it may be, without installing cloaks of doubt. I am a convinced democrat.

“We have deep trust in the Chilean men and women and in the institutions of our country,” added the leader of the left-wing coalition.

After his suffrage, Boric traveled from the southern city of Puntas Arenas to Santiago.

The leader of the pact Frente Social Cristiano, which received the support of the center-right after the first round, indicated that his sector had already achieved something important by “regaining political balance” in Congress. “I am convinced that we are going to win, but I am prepared for any scenario. We are going to continue working for Chile. Beyond the results we owe it to our homeland2, he said.

The former president and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, He also voted during the morning when he indicated that whoever wins must seek dialogue with all sectors and “thus continue to build a country in which we can all feel part of it. In difficult times one has to be held hostage to hope, and hope has to win out over fear ».

Regarding the criticism that Kast made about an eventual interventionism on his part when announcing a few days ago that he would vote for Boric, Bachelet limited himself to indicating “someone could be surprised by what my option is.”

Quiet day

The day passed quite calmly, although unlike on November 21 the process of setting up tables was much slower and at 10:30 a.m. local time, only 91% of the nearly 46 thousand tables in the entire country had been set up.

And contrary to the first round, the people came to vote earlier, which is why the commandos and the voters themselves demanded for the lack of collective locomotion to transport the great mass that moved around noon. Although the authorities ruled it out, several of the opposition accused a boycott by the government.

Even so, this does not bode well for high participation and it is believed that less than 50% of a voter registry of 15 million Chileans will vote.

The process began in Australia on Saturday 18, due to the time difference, and the calculations abroad gave Boric a majority, an issue that also occurred in the first round, but is not a predictor of the final result.

During the day, the commandos of both candidates coordinated how they would carry out the traditional Republican salute that makes the loser to the winner. And so was the phone call with him President Sebastián Piñera.

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