Friday, April 16

Kate Winslet criticizes Hollywood for dealing with “prejudice, discrimination and homophobia” to homosexuals | People

Although Hollywood may seem like a liberal place, ahead of many other social and cultural areas in terms of eliminating taboos, all that glitters is not gold. In the mecca of American cinema, there are still restrictions when it comes to expressing aspects of private life such as the sexual tendency, which many still try to hide. This was announced by British actress Kate Winslet in an interview she gave this weekend.

In a talk with the Sunday magazine of the daily The Times, the protagonist of world famous films such as Titanic and Revolutionary Road He explained that for many interpreters it is still unfeasible to make it known that they are homosexual, because they think that revealing it would make them lose the roles of heterosexual characters. Winslet has said he knows “at least four actors” who want to keep his status under wraps, and has called his industry a place of “prejudice, discrimination and homophobia.”

“I couldn’t tell you how many young performers I know – some well known, others just starting out now – who are terrified that their sexuality is being revealed and that it gets in the way of being chosen for heterosexual roles ”, the actress said in the magazine’s cultural supplement. Winslet gave as an example a well-known actor, whose name he avoided, who had just gotten a new manager. In the US: “His agent told him: ‘As far as I know you are bisexual; I wouldn’t make it public, ”Winslet recalled of someone she knew herself. “It is something painful, they are afraid of being discovered. And that is what they say: ‘I don’t want to be discovered.’

Winslet has spoken about the issue while chatting about her latest role, the one in the movie. Ammonite, where she plays the acclaimed paleontologist Mary Anning in 1840 England, who begins to maintain an intense relationship with Charlotte Murchison (played by Saoirse Ronan). This role has made him realize that although there is increasing pressure “in favor of greater diversity in the awards of the film industry, where white actors and directors predominate, there is little debate about the representation of homosexual and bisexual people” .

According to her, during the promotion of Ammonite and because of that role they have asked her many questions about the lesbian scenes that she stars in the film with Ronan, and she affirms that she has been much more questioned by them than when she has had sex scenes with men. She defends that actors can play any role regardless of their sexual condition, something that applies especially to men. “Hollywood would have to put aside all that old-fashioned shit about whether someone can play a straight role when they’re gay. It should be practically illegal, and you don’t know how widespread it is, ”Winslet revealed. “On some occasions, actors decide not to come out of the closet for personal reasons. Nobody cares. Maybe it’s for privacy, but maybe it’s embarrassment. “

The actress explains that her intention is not to “intimidate or confront” Hollywood, but that for her in the industry there is “a culture of pointing fingers” and that “political correctness commands” rather than frankness. So for the seven-time Oscar nominee – an award she won in 2009 for The reader- A new movement similar to Me Too should take place among the LGTB sector, which shook the entertainment industry when dozens of women made public the sexual abuse to which they had been subjected, but referring to sexual liberation.

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