Thursday, February 22

Katharine Hepburn’s great love

Katharine Hepburn was an accomplished athlete: if she hadn’t been an actress, she would have been able to pursue professional sports. Tennis, skating, horse riding… he was good at everything.

Since she was little, she swam almost every day in the ocean, whether it was winter or summer, a habit that she maintained until she was 80 years old. “The bitterer the medicine, the better,” she said. One morning in 1935, she showed up at the exclusive golf club in Bel Air and asked for a rival who could match her. No girls, a man. She was very competitive. Minutes later she was playing against a pro when she heard the rumble of a low-flying plane’s engine. “I thought she was going to land on our heads, but she passed us and landed on the greenright in front of us,” he recalls.

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