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Katy Perry and Aitana heal with the song ‘Open to Better Film’

Aitana in the music video.

Aitana in the music video.

It’s here ‘Open To Better Film’, el videoclip del remix de ‘Resilient’, the theme that unites Katy Perry and Aitana to, in collaboration with the prestigious DJ and producer Tiësto, launch through music an optimistic and inspiring message to say goodbye to such an atypical year as this 2020 has been. “Working with Katy Perry on one of her singles is a real dream“, says the Spanish singer, enthusiastic about her participation in this initiative promoted by Coca-Cola.

It was on November 13 when The remix of ‘Resilient’, the new version of the original song that Katy Perry released last August, was premiered globally within her album ‘Smile’, the singer’s fifth studio album. The Californian singer reimagines her song with Aitana and Tiësto to invoke the renewing power of music and resonate a positive message. And now, this reinvention already has its own video clip, ‘Resilient feat. Aitana (Tiësto Remix) – Open To Better Film ‘, a piece that is directed by Chloe Wallace.

It can rain for a few months / Not everything goes the way you want it sometimes / If there was a wound and the healing was damaged, it was damaged, it was damaged / If I fall I become stronger, it is not a matter of luck“, sings Aitana in this new single, the result of the joint work between Coca-Cola and Katy Perry when it comes to covering the song ‘Resilient’ and turning it into a hymn of inclusion and optimism aimed, especially, at the youngest.

“For me, this campaign is about growing through challenges. I think the song ‘Resilient’ relates very well to this, because being resilient is getting back up after a fall, growing up after failure and overcoming each challenge”, assures Katy Perry that praises the new “perspective that Aitana brought to the song “and how she makes the message evolve” towards the importance of being resilient as a group“It is not always just about personal growth, we must also grow together!” He proclaims.

“Now that 2020 is coming to an end, we have collaborated with Katy Perry to spread a message of hope, especially aimed at new generations. For many young people, the crisis has prevented them from living key moments and experiences in their lives. Therefore, this song is especially dedicated to them, “says Walter Susini, Coca-Cola’s Europe Head of Marketing. In addition, the brand has created the ‘Open’ platform, with which, Susini says, they intend to highlight “how the world is changing” and invite the public to, in these difficult times, “appreciate what before, perhaps, we took for granted “.

A dream

“Working with Katy Perry on one of her singles is a true dream! With the participation of the incredible Tiësto and the important vision of Coca-Cola, I hope this new version of ‘Resilient’ will bring a moment of happiness for the people who face a challenge in your life, be it big or small, “says Aitana.

I am excited to have had the opportunity to join forces with Katy Perry and Aitana for this Coca-Cola project. Our mission is to inspire much-needed optimism in the world, especially in these difficult times, “says Tiësto.

With this collaboration, Coca-Cola and Aitana once again join forces in a musical project. On September 19, the singer took the stage at the WiZink Center in Madrid as the headliner of Coca-Cola Music Experience Reloaded, a streaming show to bring 6 hours of live music to the fans’ homes. The broadcast had more than 250,000 connections.

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