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Keanu Reeves: “Shooting a movie and then not being able to celebrate it with popcorn and fans sucks” | Culture

Keanu Reeves (Beirut, 56 years old) is a star surrounded by an inscrutable aura of mystery. Behind that eternally young face hides a person who attends few events and is jealous of his private life. When giving interviews, this time for Bill and Ted save the universe (already in Movistar +), the journalist is advised that he must stick to the film and that he will do it with his co-star, Alex Winter (London, 55 years old). Furthermore, their statements cannot be used for a personal profile of the star whose image has been revered by generations of viewers. From those who carried his carpetera image to those who fall in love with the manners of the photo in which he eats a sandwich on a bench.

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Reeves recognizes, even so, that he regrets not enjoying the premiere of this cult saga with his followers. “Being home was fine, but making a movie like that and then not being able to celebrate it with popcorn, traveling and interacting with fans sucks,” he says tousled, yet uncharacteristically shaven, from across the Zoom in a hotel room in Berlin “It was a difficult decision, but we launched during the pandemic as a ray of hope. Even if it is a comedy to live in community, “says Winter.

For both of them the project was special, because they have spent a decade of sweat to create another wild madness. It was the bizarre adventure of these two optimistic young men who see each other without eating or drinking it in a time-travel loop that put them on the map in 1989 with The mind-blowing adventures of Bill and Ted. Two years later, they met in Bill and Ted’s mind-blowing journey, an odyssey between heaven and hell (with homage to The seventh seal).

The third installment, premiered directly on Movistar +, brings them together as the parents of two twenty-somethings, and alongside Jesus Christ, Hendrix and Mozart. Bill and Ted are still determined to find the music that unites humanity. And Reeves continues to trust that goodness: “The inclusive message convinced me. Just be excellent with the rest and let the party begin, ”recalls the actor, whose unpublished acts of kindness have also become popular: buying a Harley from the 12 specialists in Matrix to maintain a foundation dedicated to children’s hospitals.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in the first 'Bill and Ted' movie.
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in the first ‘Bill and Ted’ movie.MGM

It is no coincidence either that Reeves, who says “interweb” in 2021, it will count in 2016 to the program AND that he does not use social networks because “privacy is very important” to him and because he has “nothing to say about anything.” He lives oblivious to his transformation into the face of the internet. “I am aware of all the negativity in the Inter-hate [”Interhate”, dice en inglés]”He jokes today.

Perhaps that kindness is what pushes him to focus on his co-star, who, although he may not have touched his stardom, has become the director of various documentaries analyzing topics such as the Panama Papers or Frank Zappa. “What I remember from those casting tests is not the script, but the vision of the world we shared. Hollywood is a traveling circus. We were friends at first sight, ”Winter recalls. And he adds: “That’s why we didn’t want to see old teenagers anchored in the past. They have evolved with the world and age. We do not avoid nostalgia, although we do not seek it either. We had to look to the future and hope. It’s an absurd and sweet comedy, but we take it very seriously. ” The real Bill and Ted never lost contact. They meet the families, and, like their characters, finish their sentences (even if they don’t speak in the plural). “It was very exciting to reunite the band after so many years of work. We were just proud to be on our feet, ”says Reeves.

“Digital has changed cinema in all its facets, from production and exhibition to the cultural and social. At the same time, among so many platforms, the market is more of a niche “

Reeves has a hard time remembering what that twenty-something was looking for in that first audition. “My ambition remains the same as 30 years ago: to be able to do what I like. I am still grateful for that. And very happy to return to work at this time, “he says a few days after he began to deal blows with John Wick 4 in Germany, and after shooting Matrix 4, to which the Wachowskis return after two decades: “Your perspective of the world is always in the characters, and interpreting them 30 years later is an experience limited to a few. You build two separate narratives for everything that happened in your life and that of the character, both with Ted and Neo ”. A sweet moment in a career full of ups and downs.

But even in the failures, Reeves was interested in the experience, although he does not seem so optimistic when responding about the future of the rooms. “Yes …”, he doubts sarcastically and avoiding details. “I’m not going to get too much into the subject. Communication has undergone a revolution. Digital has changed cinema in all its facets, from production and exhibition to the cultural and social. At the same time, among so many platforms, the market is more niche ”, says the actor who in 2012 produced and presented a documentary about the jump to digital. “Capturing a certain message of hope, pure fun and an experience are things that some movies still do very well, right?”, He asks almost as a child.

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