Thursday, September 23

Keeping your spirits in the face of prolonged crisis

Most people are able to overcome adverse situations, reinvent themselves in the face of difficulties, handle setbacks, but; when crises drag on, even the most optimistic can succumb.

We live in times when unemployment grows and business opportunities plummet. Despite this, we know that defeatism leads nowhere. If we have hit bottom, we can only take off. Remember that there is nothing permanent: this too will pass.

Leaders have the obligation to keep hope alive and transmit hope to their team. How do you do it when everyone seems exhausted after months and months of work and personal woes?

This is what it is. Life is not easy. If we have enjoyed good times, we can consider them a gift; And if we have come this far, it is because we know how to overcome problems. Our duty is to keep working our best. So let’s not lose sight of the mission, let’s not abandon the purpose of life or the reins of our future.

Let’s look from another side. Recently, I received an email with an offer of services addressed to more than a hundred people whose addresses could be seen, as well as my own. By mistake, the sending company left all identifications exposed instead of hiding the distribution list.

Immediately, there were several angry responses threatening to report the sender, allusions to the data protection law, insults in crescendo, etc. Suddenly, one of those allegedly affected asked for calm and compassion with the person who had made a mistake, recalled “the difficult situation we all live in” and took the opportunity to greet the rest and wish us a good day. The result was that no one else complained again.

This type of action shows that both negative and positive emotions are contagious. Let’s take advantage of this transmission capacity to put ourselves on the right side.

Long live the fun. This is not the time to demand, but to put a note of humor in our personal life and also in our work. Large companies value spaces where workers can relax, laugh, play. In those moments creativity is triggered.

Currently, it seems difficult to be physically together with others, but it is still important to share times of doing nothing more than enjoying being together and connect emotionally. Let’s use technology for fun and not just for work.

Well understood optimism. True optimism is realistic because it keeps your focus on spotting opportunities without being discouraged. A optimistic leader focuses on hopeful signs, surrounds himself with positive people, knows how to manage his emotions and those of others, becomes a model, generates well-being around him, is open, is willing to change the rules of the game, detects signs of recovery, sees opportunities and rethinks development paths, believes in the capabilities of his team and listens to everyone because he is aware that each of its members can help improve things …

Keeping your spirits up is in each one of us. We cannot change the world, but we can change our immediate environment.

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