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Keys so that our car does not fail after the summer

It is advisable to check the car before the arrival of autumn / FAQ

During the holidays, our vehicle had to
withstand efforts that can compromise our security if we do not take care of it. For that reason it is important to keep in mind a few keys especially with the return to the routine.

The proper functioning of all the elements is vital to maintain optimal safety conditions in the face of the decrease in daylight hours, the decrease in
temperatures and increased rainfalls usual with him
at the arrival of autumn.

The main element to take care of is the engine, since any significant damage can spell the end of the vehicle. Therefore, after the holidays it is necessary
check lubrication of the cylinders and pistons of the engine; the correct amount of oil indicated so that the engine does not rust; that there are no leaks of any compound; and that the calibration is appropriate for the air and fuel intake. In any case, as soon as there is a problem with the engine, the symptoms are more than evident and
must be resolved immediately so as not to endanger the integrity of the passengers.

Among the most important items to check after the holidays are also the tires. A pressure lower than recommended can result in less adherence to the road, longer braking and even excessive fuel consumption. On the contrary, if the pressure is higher than it should be, the grip decreases and there is a risk of bursting due to overheating.

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Also, it is worth checking
that the tires do not have bruisescuts or cracks and verify that the depth of the drawing is above 1.6 mm, which is the minimum required to circulate, according to the
DGT. Check the covers for any bulges, cracks, damage, or warping. Also make sure that the valves are in good condition and that they have their corresponding cap. Over time
tires lose air so it is most likely that you will find them under pressure if you have not been checking it in recent weeks. Measure it on all the wheels -including the spare- and inflate them with a portable compressor or by going to the nearest garage or gas station.

Check the depth of the main tread grooves. You can do this check with the rubber witnesses in the longitudinal channels of the same tire that mark the legal minimum wear point (1.6 mm). Due to the constant pressure of the vehicle weight on the same point of support,
Rotature band of the tire may be deformed (flattened). If this happens, we will feel a slight tremor in the steering wheel when driving, known as “flatspot”. If you notice any wobbling or swaying at the wheel because the deformation persists after a few kilometres, go to the workshop as soon as possible.

Therefore, from the network of workshops
Comfortcar Hankook Masters recommend a preventive inspection, because only in this way can any incident be located in time, allowing us to solve it without running any risk.

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Another important aspect is to check fluid levels. excess kilometers,
coupled with high temperatures, will have caused a notable drop in these levels. For example, the coolant, which ensures that the engine does not overheat, can be damaged by the high temperatures caused by the combustion itself inside. Even the antifreeze fluid, which ensures that the engine always has an optimal temperature, can be affected after a long trip, as can the steering and brake fluids.

And to achieve the maximum efficiency of the vehicle during the new course it is important to take care of cleanliness, according to the experts of
clean the car outside under pressure, emphasizing the underside, with plenty of warm water helps to clear all surfaces and prevent any particles or material from getting into the engine. It is better to apply it manually
with soft spongeswithout exerting pressure and using the appropriate products so that the paint is not affected.

Of course, the cleaning of the vehicle should not only focus on the exterior, but also on the interior such as seats and mats.

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